The Successor To 'Duck Lips' Is 'Sparrow Face'

The Successor to

Remember when people were doing pouty duck lips? In Japan, the pouty-faced look has evolved. The result is "Sparrow Face."

In Japanese, "duck lips" are called "ahiru-guchi" (アヒル口) or literally "duck mouth." This week, Twitter and Japan's biggest online forum have been buzzing over the latest forced expression, which is called "chun-gao" (チュン顔) in Japanese. "Chun" refers to "chun chun" (チュンチュン), which is Japanese for "chirp" or "cheep." "Gao" (顔) means "face." So, literally it's "Chirp Face."

The Successor to

As explained on Japanese morning television (yes, on TV!), when you make this facial expression, you open your eyes as wide as possible, and then you make your mouth like a chirping sparrow. The sparrow bit is important, which is why I'm translating this expression as "Sparrow Face."

The Successor to
The Successor to

Sparrow Face started to make waves earlier this year. There was a how-to guide in a popular women's magazine, and the expression has popped up in television commercials.

The Successor to

If you think it looks like duck lips, I agree with you! There are differences, such as "duck lips" being closer to a smile. I think. Perhaps? Maybe?

One Twitter user isolated the Sparrow Face expression, which might make it easier to understand:

The Successor to

The lips are puckered and opened slightly. Let's compare, but do note some of the expressions below were made ironically:

The Successor to
The Successor to
The Successor to
The Successor to
The Successor to
The Successor to

If that still doesn't help, here's an actual sparrow:

The Successor to

Or perhaps this will help you see it.

The Successor to

OK, now I got it. Thanks!

Photos: cjzane1892, ayamarikinoko9, hahahatutu, tokuhisu, ガールズちゃんねる, nattsu___n, SARI, yuna, naoyaaaannn, まとめ


    *slow clap* Brilliant. Some hard hitting news right here.

    Last edited 15/10/13 11:16 pm

      This is exactly what I was going to type, in response to this article.

    Th'fuck is this?

      The only reason I read these retarded articles is to see comments such as yours.
      It makes me feel warm and fuzzy knowing I'm not the only person who thinks this about some of the crap Kotaku... "journalists"... post.

    Soon every expression we make will be satirized with animals and we will all simultaneously cut our faces off in shame.

    I mean, um - what is this post? Hard hitting journalism this is! Bashcraft etc.!

    Last edited 15/10/13 11:46 pm

    Pretty slow games news lately, I guess...


    Last edited 16/10/13 12:02 am

      Well, it is both. That said, the otaku side could have some quality control(though this one is at least interestingish).

    Everytime this happens it makes me wish the internet was deleted.

    GARME JURNALIZM everybody.

    Hard hitting! Speculative! CAKES!!

    I'm all for weird non-gaming-related articles on Kotaku, but my God, this is just a pointless piece of shit.

    And yes, I'm waiting for some idiot to say "then why did you click the link"? The answer? So that I could confirm my suspicions and post my objection.

    Silly stuff from Japan typically qualifies. Like that other article about a man who hid in a drain to look up girls skirts in Tokyo.

      You're kidding me. I must've missed that one... But seriously, dude. Just... Internet porn already! MUCH better.

    I've got duck lips in my Twitter profile pic but I think most people fail to see it's satirical. :(

    I've only ever heard it called duck face
    I guess sparrow lips doesn't work though

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