The Tales Of Symphonia Chronicles Collector’s Edition For The PS3 Is Epic

The Tales Of Symphonia Chronicles Collector’s Edition For The PS3 Is Epic

If four Chibi Kyun Chara figures, a novel detailing what happened between Tales of Symphonia and Dawn of the New World, a multi-disc soundtrack and special collector’s packaging isn’t enough to get you to re-buy two games you’ve already played, then that’s more of the 1500 copies being made for everyone else.


  • Box is very nice. Will go nicely with all my other CE swag.

    Oh right Imight play these at some point 🙁

  • Ooooh…I’m torn on this.

    Loved Tales of Symphonia on the Gamecube, never played the sequel though as I heard it dropped the ball somewhat, so not sure if I really want to splash out on something like this. Have these actually been updated with HD visuals though, or are they just a straight port of the originals?

    • They’ve been updated a bit but not as much as you’d expect. However it’s also based off the Japanese PS2 version which added a lot of extra content that wasn’t in the Gamecube version, so it’s probably definitively the best version of the game even without necessarily having heavily updated visuals.

    • They’re only making 15,000 in the US, so I’d say no chance at all because Namco hates Australia even more than they hate the rest of the PAL region.

        • Yeah except this is limited to 15,000 copies and that probably means it’ll be super hard to get hold of unless one of the ‘participating retailers’ is Amazon and you’re happy to ship via a proxy.

  • Wouldn’t mind getting that… if only so I can smash that damn Colette figure to bits.

    … I really do not like Colette.

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