The Walking Dead: Season Two Is Exactly The Storyline We Wanted

The Walking Dead: Season Two Is Exactly The Storyline We Wanted

An older Clementine — that we control — with the same short haircut. Good girl, Clementine. You learned from the best.

Here's the teaser trailer:

If you played the first season you'll recognise some key locations and recall some really horrific memories.

Here's the official, albeit not too detailed description of the plot for Season Two:

The Walking Dead: Season Two — A Telltale Games Series will continue the story of Clementine, a young girl orphaned at the outset of the undead apocalypse, now left to her own devices to seek safety and survive in a world gone mad. Now assuming the role of an ordinary child, players will struggle to outwit both the dead and the living in situations that will test their morals and control the flow of the story through their decisions and actions.

Season Two, like the first season, will be a five-part episodic series set to start some time later this year and end some time in 2014. It'll cost $US25 for the whole season unless you pre-order for a 10% discount (that's $US22.49). It'll come out for PC/Mac, "home consoles" (guessing that means current-gen Xbox 360 and PS3 and potentially next-gen to follow) and iOS. The PlayStation blog mentions a Vita release, too. Telltale mentioned there will be other platform announcements soon (next-gen?).

We're light on details otherwise, but the one many of us have been hanging on was whether or not Clementine would be the central character in the second part of Telltale's fantastic narrative experience. Hopefully Season Two will live up to the harsh conditions and decisions the first threw at us.

In the meantime, here are some screens:

The Walking Dead: Season Two Is Exactly The Storyline We Wanted
The Walking Dead: Season Two Is Exactly The Storyline We Wanted
The Walking Dead: Season Two Is Exactly The Storyline We Wanted
The Walking Dead: Season Two Is Exactly The Storyline We Wanted
The Walking Dead: Season Two Is Exactly The Storyline We Wanted

Looks like Clementine's going to make some new...friends.


    I actually wanted a story that focused on new characters - and maybe introduced Clementine in the later half. If she's the protagonist, I'm not entirely sure how they intend to mix things up from Season 1. My guess: they don't, and Clementine dies at the end.

      Doubt it. She might disappear part way through though, change perspectives.

      I actually think it may be too big a mix up playing as Clementine. Part of what made her such a great character was that she reflected what you were doing back at you. Most video games with kids insist that you care about them. Clem worked differently. You didn't really have to care about her. She didn't really stop you from doing anything, she just went with whatever she was told. She wasn't dangled in danger every scene, instead she was usually safe-ish and left you free to do what you wanted, but she injected moments of feedback where she forces you to think about what you've done or are about to do.
      In Walking Dead I took my decisions a lot more seriously because of that feedback. It tricks you into thinking about your actions in a more human way rather than just breaking it down into mechanics.

      By controlling her you're chopping that out. It'll either make it interesting to play as the character you raised or break the illusion of gravity on your decisions the first series created. Unless they manage to introduce something new to fill that void. Here's hoping.

        This sums up my thoughts nicely. I'm sure the dev's are thinking the same thing, so hopefully they have a solution in place.

          I'm sure the dev's are thinking the same thing, so hopefully they have a solution in place.

          Yeah. I'm pretty confident they've been thinking about it since they realised they were going to get a second season out of this.

          Maybe they'll make Lee take on Clem's role via nightmares, flashbacks and freakouts. That'd be weird if they managed to judge your Lee's personality by your save files and sort of show you the sort of person Clem saw you as during the first game. Sort of haunting yourself.

            The Steam page notes that decisions from Season 1 will affect the new story. Something like you mention would be neat.

    Oh Clem, I don't think I've ever felt for a video game character the way I did for her. She seemed so real. I have a feeling this game will break my heart.

    I'm disappointed. The great thing about the first game is that it wasn't all about you, you had to think about Clem when making any decisions. Playing as Clem removes that.

    Still looking forward to this though, can't wait!

      Not necessarily, Telltale is known for the curve ball. They may introduce another younger character and redevelop the role of a tough as nails character mentoring someone.

    Sounds interesting. I wonder if they'll continue to mirror your morality through Clem's responses to choices, or some new support character.

    I hope Telltale spruce up the animations and make the whole interaction experience "snappier"

      Personally, if there are quality-of-life things to patch up, I hope the voice-acting for Clem has improved.

    Hmmm, it's not the story I hoped for to be honest. Especially after 400 Days... I thought we were going to get a whole bunch of new characters.

    How are they going to swing decision making? No companion is going to trust the eight year old.

      By proving her worth ala comic Carl

        I dunno... even in the comics (at least the first 48 issues that I've read) Carl is still treated like a kid. A capable kid, sure, but actual decision-making responsibilities... none.

        My guess is that all Clem's decisions are going to be just how much to trust the much bigger, potentially dangerous adults she comes across. And those adults will probably be the 400 Days adults, shaped by our decisions for them.

        Last edited 30/10/13 9:17 am

          Carls not treated that way any more. Rick had a talk with him and treats him like an equal and a soldier now in the comics. Especially the last two.

    Yes! This will definitely be a day one purchase.

    Also, photo #4...that's not who I think it is, is it?

      Well; he had to have gone somewhere!

        I suppose, but I would have thought that somewhere would be 'a zombies mouth'.

          I suppose this is one of those things affected by your choices in the last games. Make the wrong choices and that is indeed where they end up. They left their fate rather ambiguous

    I am buying this now. Telltale Games is one of the few companies I am willing to trust with a preorder

    Last edited 30/10/13 9:49 am

    OH MY GLOB! I forgot about this! All aboard the feels train.

    Last edited 30/10/13 9:52 am

    Oh my God! Soooo cool. I loved Clem and would be more than happy to play as Clem.

    Im still waiting for the game of Rick's Farm. Farming sim starring you know who and you need to grow crops inside the prison.

    Why does the person in that last picture remind me of Rick Grimes from the TV adaption of the graphic novel?

    A perfect Vita game I think - loving the quality third party support this machine gets!

    I have finished the first two episodes but that is all. Strangely enough I found the Jurassic Park game to have a more intriguing story (I know, I know... But I also really anjoy the Super Mario Bros. movie to this day, so stick it up your arse), and I managed to finish that quite quickly.

    I hear what people are saying, that the reason they liked Clem so much was that you were protecting her with another character. That said, how do you know Clem won’t be trying to protect someone else?

    Sums up everything I want to say.

    I want to play this SO bad, but I think it'll be an Ep 5 purchase for me. It kills me waiting for the next instalment on a cliffhanger.

      I actually felt like I'd missed out a little by starting the game after the last episode was released, simply because of the amount of discussion and speculations it generated on certain forums I visit on the internet.

      That said, if those things aren't a part of your life and you really have no one to discuss it with, waiting till the last episode is pretty sensible when taking things like steam sales into account.

        Not sure if I'll have the patience to wait for a Steam sale (will probably get it the moment Ep5 comes out) but yeah, I'm terrified of being spoiled in the meantime. Am considering a complete social blackout from when Ep 1 is released. :P

    I've not yet completed chapter 5 and the 400 day thing.... guess it's time to do so before the release of Chapter 2. :)

      How could you watch the ep. 4 cliffhanger and not move onto 5? I had to wait for 360 release but I was really happy I had the next episode right there.

        I don't know.. just got sidetracked I guess and the longer I left it, the more I felt I would need to play episode 4 again to keep the continuity going etc

        Played it a bit last night... realised that I still had around 2.5 hours of chapter 4 left to complete... then I played another 30 or so minutes of chapter 5.....

        The plot twists and surprises etc are pretty mind-blowing...

          They were delivered well. If you hadn't finished chapter 4 though, it explains a lot. Really looking forward to season 2.
          I'm quite impressed with the first chapter of Fables as well. Less puzzle elements but choices seem a little more meaningful, even within the first episode.

    How about removing the faux decisions and giving us actual choices this time?

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