The World’s Best Resume Is A Video Game

The World’s Best Resume Is A Video Game
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Tim Schafer famously scored a job at Lucasarts by sending in a resume designed like a graphic adventure, but even he couldn’t have envisioned this little piece of genius: a resume that works as a functional video game.

Designer Robby Leonardi’s resume has you traversing through different worlds, as new jobworthy attributes pop up in the background. It’s visually dazzling and surprisingly informative. Put it this way: by the time you finish scrolling through this resume you’ll be ready to hire the guy. You may not have a company, but you’ll be so motivated that you’ll want to start a company just so you can then find a way to hire Robby Leonardi. But — newsflash — you won’t be able to afford him!

We should get this guy on Kotaku. He can do stuff. Actually, bugger it, just take my job.

The game/resume works solely by using the arrow keys or a scroll bar. It’s not really super interactive, but it’s awesome nonetheless.

Via Mashable


  • This isn’t hard to do markup-wise but requires a well thought out storyboard to develop to. When looking through their qualifications I wasn’t surprised when I saw lots of animation/design experience. Really nice stuff 🙂

  • That’s really cool.
    I’ve been putting together a online CV that uses scrolling but this is much more impressive.
    It’s given me a lot to think about.

  • As awesomely creative as it is, I hope he also has a straight up document version available as well to make it easier for employers to find the information relevant to their interests. This is a great way to both provide examples of your ability and present pertinent information though. I may have to be a great artist and steal this idea.

  • I thought of doing something like this, but then thought I should just make a fully-fledged game instead. Employers can refer to it as an example of your work, and you get the bonus of being able to sell it, too… but it’s somehow nowhere near as cool.

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