The Xbox 360 Version Of Battlefield 4 Has A Crazy Recommended Install

The Xbox 360 Version Of Battlefield 4 Has A Crazy Recommended Install

Look, it's pretty clear that Battlefield 4 — a game designed to sing on powerful PCs and next-gen consoles — was always going to struggle on current-gen hardware. So if developers need to go to extremes to find a workaround, well, they gotta do what they gotta do.

The Xbox 360 version of the game comes with a mandatory 2GB install. Fair enough. Things get crazy with developer DICE's recommended course, though, the game's creators advising you to opt for a 14GB install.

Here's the official statement from the game's FAQ:

In addition to the required installation, each disc has additional content you can install to your hard drive for better performance.

  • The Multiplayer Disc, or Disc 1, has an additional 6.6 GB of content
  • The Single Player Disc, or Disc 2, has 5.8 GB of installation content.

We highly recommend performing these additional installations to make sure you have the best experience possible in Battlefield 4.



    Same with Rage. It was 22gb if you installed all 3 discs but you could just install the disc you were playing at the time. If you don't want to play BF4's singleplayer (and if BF3 is any guide...), then only install the multiplayer disc.

    If I built a gaming PC in 2005 and attempted to play any high-end 2013 release on it you'd think I was an idiot right? Why do they even bother creating current gen versions if its going to be such a hugely diminished experience?

      Money, dude. Money.

      That's why. When BF4 launches, the install base for next gen is gonna be pretty low, so current gen is where all the sales are gonna be.
      & if other publishers are anything to go on, user can pay an extra $10 or so to upgrade to the next gen version when they've got the next console.
      So it's in EAs interest to sell more on 360 / PS3 & get the upgrade fees.

        The only problem is if the current tech holds it back so much so that it leaves a sour taste in fans and those new to the series' mouth preventing any future sales.

          Hence the cheap upgrade option which they know everyone will take even if they were disappointed with the game.

          i know
          after playing the beta and witnessing essentially BF3.5
          i feel like once again our world has been dragged down by last gen consoles

      It's called money, you may have heard of it or possibly even used it in exchange for goods and services.

    I install all my games anyway, BF3 is well over 25GB with both discs, updates and map packs installed

    The only games I don't install on my Xbox are the ones that say specifically not to, GTA V, Skyrim and DOA Extreme 2 (that last didn't even know that it could be installed, funny). It just runs better, and produces less noise because it doesn't need to access the disc.

    14Gb install is crazy? What is it 2008?

      Well, I think the original internal hard-drive was only 20GB, wasn't it? I'd say 70% of your total hard drive space is a pretty crazy amount.

    This is different to GTA V because.......

      Because on the Xbox 360 it was advised NOT to install the Play Disc as it causes gameplay issues.

      From memory I think the install was around 8GB?

      Last edited 17/10/13 10:32 am

        The mandatory install of GTA (8gb) is still less than the mandatory install of battlefield (2gb)

        I think it's awesome that they're giving this as an option, way better than just dumbing down the graphics and letting people deal with it.

    Shock! Well, at least for those running a console with a 4GB hard drive, what a joke! I know your ment to play games off of the discs, but come on. And the next gens are even worse. In 2005, when optical storage was basically the only way to play games, a minimal hard drive made sense, but the next gens only have a 500GB hard drive to start with. That's nothing when we're talking about current gen games, give it 4 years, when every one wants to start leveraging the full grunt of these consoles, and 4K content becomes more common, 500GB will seem like even less.

    500GB is barely enough to store 100 1080p movies, imagine how many 4K movies, it will be able to store, and what if audio quality has a tech leap. Killzone 4 is a 50GB download off of PSN at the time of launch, so you can have 9 high quality games on you HDD before it's full? Really? People by these consoles expecting them to last at least 5 years, and to just work. That doesn't mean much if the content storage system has to be upgraded almost immediately after purchase.

    It's almost certainly a price issue, and over time the off-the-shelf units will come with bigger HDDs. But 500GB HDD are standard in even the shittiest of laptops, even the 2010 Acer Aspire One Happy came with a 250GB HDD, and that's a bloody $200 netbook.

    Off of, a 500GB HDD costs $55, a 1TB HDD costs $70, and that's at consumer levels of pricing, buying in bulk and direct from the manufacturer should get that $15 gap to almost nothing. It's penny pinching at it's worst.

    anyone (else) play mlb the show lately? install for those games are about that too..

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