The Xbox One's TV Commercial Is Full Of TV And Games

Hype season has begun. We are less than a month away from the debut Xbox One and the spot above is one part of how Microsoft will be trying to sell their next-gen console to TV-watching folks around the world.

The fusion of television watching and high-end gaming sits at the centre of the "Xbox One: Invitation" ad. That makes sense since it will be airing during the upcoming instalment of Sunday Night Football.

Making ordinary folks the hero of imaginary worlds is a reliable trope and that's probably why this advert reminds me a whole lot of Sony's excellent "Michael" TV spot for the PS3.


    They're spending $100M on marketing, apparently.

      Which is a good idea. Also, the writer of this article makes some weird comment about it reminding him of a ps3 commercial? pffft, gaming companies have always used this crap.

        I remember that ad, it was great. I like the new one above too.

    They really trying to push this "All In One" slogan from the get go and they still persisting with it hey. Dont think its really catching on.

    Why dont they just make an entire ad about Titanfall and nothing else and let everyone jizz themselves.

      Because apparently it's only timed exclusive.

      I disagree, I think they wanted to be saying it all along, but went about it the wrong way in E3. This kind of showy ad was what they needed to kick off E3 with. Showing all the cool things you can do with your Xbox, not explaining the limitations they have. That comes later. Sony did better in this by going "look how cool it is!" and then relying on Twitter to answer actual limitation questions, so only devoted readers learn about them.

      This ad is Microsoft's vision marketed well.

    It's a great ad. It works on every level.

    Man, what a disappointment this ad didn't kick off like the ED 209 scene from Robocop:

    even as a grown man this scene re-opens the scars this scene gave me when it burned itself into my 8 year old mind.

      8 years old - man alive thats why!!

        Yeah, haha, my parents were very loose with what they let me watch. I also saw Terminator, Predator etc but the worst was Lord of the Flies, that screwed me up. Conversely, I've made sure I try and pick stuff appropriate for my 6 and 8 year old boys. They watch a lot of Pixar and Marvel/super hero movies. I put on After Earth and Star Trek last night for them and they loved it.

          My wife was telling me yesterday about one of her workmates who allowed his 8 year old son to have The Last Of Us. Parent of the year!

            I suppose some kids can handle more stuff than others, some might even be drawn to really violent stuff. That, said, Last of Us is pretty friggen extreme though.

              I wouldn't risk it with a young developing mind....and if there's issues years later its too late

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