Think You Can Wait For Assassin's Creed IV On PC?

Assassin's Creed IV, like most other big games from Ubisoft, is coming later on PC. You'd think they'd have sorted this out by now. Ugh. So the question is, if you're impatient, will the fancier visuals of the PC edition make it worth waiting nearly a month for if you already own a 360, PS3 or Wii U?

This video might help. It's a sell from Nvidia for fancy tech, but really, ignore those and you'll still get an idea of what the PC version looks like.

It looks nice, no? But so did Assassin's Creed III on PC. And that ran like a dog. Hopefully that's been fixed for IV, otherwise the PS4/Xbox One versions might be the ones to go for if you're after shinier pirates.


    The one advantage of so many releases coming out at once is that I have plenty of games to play. I couldn't wait for GTA V but I have enough to do to wait for AC IV. I'm glad we got a bit of extra attention :P

      Yeah, I chose not to wait for GTA V. And I didn't regret anything. It was an amazing send off for my 360 and I'll be playing it daily until the Xbone launches.

    I was considering getting this on Ps3 but then I remembered I have a Ps4 on pre-order and only just got Batman. I can wait till I get my Ps4 then get it on Ps4

      Same for me with the Xbone. It's tough knowing that the current gen version is on the shelves right now, and it looks pretty damn incredible.

    The delay ended up being a brilliant thing for me. I now have time to enjoy BF4 rather than try and juggle them both.

    I was waiting for the PC release.

    I’m not 100% sure I still want to get it. Certain single player features now have to have an internet connection and Ubisofts audacity to expect us to create ANOTHER ubisoft account leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I’ll say I’m on the fence on this and how good the PC release will be will likely decide if I get it or not.

    It looks nice, no? But so did Assassin’s Creed III on PC. And that ran like a dog.

    It ran flawlessly on my machine. Not their fault you're using a PC from the stone age.

    Also, dogs run pretty fast, so I've never really understood that phrase...

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      Ran great on my rig too, so did revelations, couldn't go back to slideshow consoles after playing the PC versions.

        Yep. It's not as if my rig is super awesome top end either, it's a quad core i7 with a GeForce 660 Ti. Respectable, but by no means a high range multi-thousand dollar machine.

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          I really do hope AC 4 is going to be more optimized like Revelations. AC 3 is very laggy on my Radeon 6470, even Revelations have better FPS than AC 3.

    Reason PC comes out after consoles is simple...piracy. I don't see that ever changing.

    I myself will be grabbing it with my PS4 (which is pretty much a month away anyway).

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