This Awesome Zelda Web Series Was Made In Australia

How about we watch an Australian-made tribute to The Legend of Zelda? I can certainty think of less entertaining activities one could engage in on a Saturday, like mowing the lawn or purging your bedroom of a tribble infestation.

Directed by Ken Abbott and starring Jelena Butina as Link, Hylian Heroics 2: The Lost Woods pits our blonde-haired, green-hatted hero against an armoured knight that's a little difficult to kill. But not before another would-be hero makes an attempt, using the ancient art of shield-throwing.

You'll quickly understand why said art never gained popularity (unless you're Captain America, I suppose).

If you like what you see, you can check out the first episode, which came out late 2011.

Hylian Heroics 2 The Lost Woods (Zelda webseries) [YouTube, via CNET]


    Liked: the costumes were great, they felt real and didn't at all look cheap, the camera work and colours were pleasing to the eye.
    Didn't like: the fight scenes were awkward and almost funny, the lip rings.

    Is there any particular reason why Link is girl?

      Prob because they couldn't find a guy that has links elvish features?
      Though the obvious boobs and lip ring do kinda kill it

      Last edited 12/10/13 2:03 pm

      It's not Link. It's Linka.

      From the Soviet Union.

    Why can't Link be played by a girl? What's wrong with that? I think that this was very well done and one of my favourite Link cosplays.

    Without getting into a gender role debate, I want to highlight the very obvious feminine characteristics Link exudes in almost every game. This breaks the character Link away from the classic male gender stereotype. This means Link is not defined by his gender.

    In contrast If we were shooting a He-man webseries things would be very different.

    Zelda is one series where The Hero of Time/Link is re-imagined in almost every game, so we thought, hey, why not re-roll this character as a chick! We havnt sexualised her, we havnt put her in a chainmail bikini, she is Link through and through, just female now..

    We felt we could flip Links gender and still feel we could accurately portray the character. Just like we could do with other elements of Links hair colour, costume, mannerisms, enemies, and weapons to create our own take on the franchise but still appeal to fans, and have her still remain 'Link'.

    The great thing about Zelda is if dont like what we have done, thats fair, there a literally hundreds of other fan projects out there you can dive into.

    Our Link is female, and she'll still kick all kinds of ass across Hyrule whether you like it or not.

    yeah, that shield throwing made absolutely no sense at all. Also probably should have used samples from adult link rather than child link.

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