This Dark Souls Mod Is Complete Insanity

Hey everyone, have you heard of this video game called Dark Souls? Yeah, it's a little bit hard. If you play this game, you're gonna have a bad time. You're going to die. A lot. But wait, don't go anywhere yet, because there's this new mod for the game. It makes all the enemies in the game (enemies that consistently kill the shit out of you) a million times more aggressive! Great idea, right!

(Hey, wait, where are you going?)

Alright, this is insanity.

Why? Why would you do this. This is like going up to a Tyrannosaurus Rex and saying, how about we swap out this guy's arms for rocket launchers. HE'S ALREADY A FRICKIN' T-REX GIVE ME A GODDAMN BREAK!

Make the enemies more aggressive? The only bloody chance you have in Dark Souls is because the enemies are often a bit slow to engage. Jesus Christ.

You should watch the above video. Especially if you have experience in Dark Souls, because it's pretty crazy.

(And admittedly quite awesome.)


    I really wanna play it, but AFAIK you need to use an unpatched version of the game? :( I think Vaati was using a pirated copy for it. Grrr I want.

    LobosJr (a Dark Souls streamer that does a lot of novelty runs) did a Miracles only run with this mod on the other day. It was pretty insane. Getting to the first bonfire in Anor Londo triggered all of the sentinels and the mimic. Luckily, they couldn't get into the room. Unluckily, the bonfire didn't want to work.

    I can't wait to see someone try this plus perma-Gravelord. Although that just seems cruel.

      Too much jargon in your post, going home to install Dark Souls to figure out why my bonfire is attracting people for reasons other than s'mores and to find this perma-gravelord I hear he does a good deal on coffins

        Okay, let's see if I can decipher my own nonsense.

        Bonfires are checkpoints. When this guy tried to get to the first checkpoint in an area, an army of giant dudes tried to attack him (and one monster pretending to be a treasure chest because the game is a dick like that). The giant dudes couldn't get into the room with the checkpoint because they wanted to imitate the Three Stooges.

        Gravelord is a status effect people can put on you in PvP if they join the Gravelord covenant. Basically, in game there are nine PvP factions you can join that give you different effects. The Gravelord one lets you invade other people and curse their world so that it is full of even more super powerful monster dudes. Perma-Gravelord is a mod to make that effect permanent.

        Effectively a super-hard mode, which is why people in that faction are called Dicklords. Because they're dicks.

        Combine that super-hard mode with this super-hard mode and I assume the result is a trip to the looney bin.

        Actually, nevermind. Just go home and install the game.

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    dammit, all i can think of now is a t-rex with rocket launcher arms

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