This Fake Trailer Would Make Aquaman A Superstar... Maybe

Sure, you all laugh at Aquaman now. But when his non-extant movie crosses over with a beloved Pixar franchse, Arthur Curry will show you. He'll show you all.

The best thing about this fake promo for an Aquaman movie that doesn't exist is how it rounds up trailer clich├ęs from other superhero movies. Slo-mo fight schene? Check. Mocked somewhere in his angsty youth? Yup. Pouring out your heart to animals? It's in there. While this clip did make me laugh, I've never like that this weird assumption that Aquaman can control water. He can't do that. That's his wife, guys.


    Watching B:B&B I cant picture Aquaman without a beard

    aquaman is actually a badass who not only has super human strength and abilities of all types, can self heal, can breath underwater, can talk to all sea creatures telepathically, but he has extreme hydrokenesis and can telekenetically control water in all of its states. He can literally destroy a human body with his mind as its mostly water. he can turn all that liquid in your body to gas or freeze you solid.

    he can also travel through space and time.

    an aquaman movie would actually be good! and considering there is a justice league movie planned, and a wonderwoman movie planned, its very likely we'll see an aquaman movie!

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