This Is Literally The Worst DLC Of All Time

This Is Literally The Worst DLC Of All Time

Yes, worse than horse armour. Yes, this is real. Yes, it's an Amazon pre-order bonus.

Sonic: Lost World comes out on October 29 for 3DS and Wii U. Hopefully it's better than its DLC. Hopefully all those risk-taking Sonic players enjoy it.

Pre-order Sonic Lost World for Wii U at Amazon [Sega]


    Under what circumstance is a someone not considered a risk taking sonic player? spinning wildly into the unknown is the games bread and butter.

    Very strange DLC though.

    Well, it's a preorder bonus, it's not charging you anything, so IMO horse armour and some of its more egregious cousins (Sleeping Dogs, I'm looking at you - I love you, but your DLC is out of control) are still much worse.

      The Sleeping Dogs pre-order bonus was really deceptive

    This isn't new or the worst... Social games have been charging for extra play time (energy, lives, whatever play limiting mechanism they use) for quite a while now. There are quite a few RPGs (J or otherwise) as well that allow you to buy items and currency that you would normally earn in game solely to make it easier at the start.

    WHY do lives still exist!?

    Ok, I know you can justify it with specific gametypes, like Firefight in ODST. But lives for single player games shouldn't be existing past the 90s.

      Yeah, screw the risk of failure.

        You know what the difference is between running out of lives and continuing the challenge without them?

        Two loading screens.

          I'm talking about losing all your lives and going back to the start. If you just restart from a checkpoint I agree lives are useless.

            Exactly Shadow. What your saying is exactly how lives work in Sonic games too so they are still relevan.

    Anyone willing to pay money for a modern sonic game is a risk taking sonic player.

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      I get the sense that anybody who still believes this hasn't played a Sonic game since Sonic 06, as nearly everything since then has been solid at worst, and great at best.

    I love it how the link to the amazon page is here even though the content of this article is saying how ridicule it is.

    It's like we're regressing with DLC back to the insert coin to play arcade days.

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