This Is The EB Games Expo In Under A Minute

The EB Games voice over guy. You know him well. His cheeseball, radio DJ from the 90s vocal stylings booms over EB tannoys throughout the country. 'PRE-ORDER X NOW!' 'PRE-ORDER YOUR LUNCH NAOOO!' This great video takes you on a tour of the recent EB Games Expo, as done by a parody of the EB voice over guy. It's pretty much perfect.

This year's EB Games Expo was actually fantastic. In terms of the developers who attended, and the games on show, it was actually quite special. But that doesn't stop this video from being any less hilarious. Also, it's about time someone skewered that bloody voice over guy. He's the worst.


    I bet that water at the end wasn't free, knowing EB.

    That video was better than the actual event... sadly there was no pisstake of the "laser skirmish" setup, complete with mattress and pillow fort obstacles... just... wow...

      Yeah it looks really crummy.

      Who else attended? Thoughts?

        I thought that PAXAUS was a lot better. EBExpo just kinda felt a little bit "meh".

        There weren't too many people around compared to PAX, so I guess that was kinda nice 'cause the lines weren't so long. But because of that there wasn't as big of a buzz.

        It was also nice that XBox and Playstation had big booths this time, compared to..well, no booth at PAX (unless you count XBox's display case with a sign in it at PAX). But the Nintendo booth was tiny and tucked away in a dark corner which was kinda lame. :c

        One of the better things though was the League of Legends Pavilion. They definitely learnt their lesson from PAX and got loads more space, which was awesome because when they were streaming Worlds it was PACKED. Before and after Worlds though it was a teensy bit deserted, probably because it wasn't getting the through traffic like it did at PAX. Plus, at PAX their booth was fully decked out with all of the stands for the type you play (Support, ADC, etc), but they were missing at EB. :/

        I shouldn't be comparing EB to PAX so much, but, there was just so much more hype in all of the booths during PAX, which seemed to be missing at EB.

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    Preordering lunch actually isn't a bad idea, knowing the lines for con food back at PAX.

      The hand sanitiser is another one that the folks at PAX might like to take note of.

    Wow, that looked lamer than I expected.

    I've been wondering what the consensus is about PAXAU vs EBExpo.

    You showed the pirate ship that has barely any people on it most of the day but not the laser skirmish next door to it which was pumping all day long. I was at Insertion for the 4 days and it was busy all day and night.

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