This Is The First Trailer For The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Episode

Count me as one of those Philistines who totally doesn't care or 'get' Doctor Who, but for those of you who are excited about whatever it is the good Doctor gets up to, I thought you might be interested in this: the first trailer for the 50th anniversary episode of the show.

I may not like or really understand the show, but goddammit I respect it. 50 years and it's arguably more popular than ever. Actually, I'm hard pushed to think of a UK television show that can match its impact on popular culture at this specific moment. The trailer itself is pretty frickin' cool.


    I'm pumped. I wish they'd show the secret trailer they showed at comic-con though.

    It should be alright, kind of bummed they couldn't get Christopher Eccleston to be a part of it, I wouldn't mind seeing his Doctor again.

    Still hype about John Hurt playing the Valeyard and Peter Capaldi playing the Twelfth Doctor, nice to see another Scotsman get the role

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      Edit: Never mind. You corrected yourself.
      I am in agreement though, very excited to see how both of them turn out.

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        Yeah, I had a brainfart ... I'll just go sit in the shame corner

      Indeed, did Eccelston say no or did they never even ask? I have a theory if they never asked as to why Tennants back...

        They asked.

          They asked (and he said he had never been asked), but I'm not taking anything as fact until I see it. This is going to be a massive special, so I think the fake spoiler factories (official ones too mind you), will be in meltdown mode to keep things a secret.

            Yes. Moff has been spinning so much crap and counter crap - no-one knows what to believe. I've got my fingers crossed for at least one more 'person of interest' as such.

        Pretty sure the filming came when he was still doing Thor 2. At least that's my guess

          I wouldn't doubt that, they were doing the filming for Thor 2 as well as pickup shots over the last year and the 50th anniversary was shot a little while ago now...

        I was under the impression that he never wanted to do the role ever again since he had such a bad experience doing the show, though I could be wrong.

          He did say that but apparently his attitude has mellowed a bit with both time and the changing of certain production staff.

            Does at times make you wonder though where the majority of the attitude came from?

              Apparently. .. (Take it with a grain of salt)... is that his attitude comes from (above the line) production staffs (RTD etc..) treatment of the crew. No one else as far as I am aware has everr agreed with this statement....

                I remember reports from the set of Heroes that he was a little difficult to work with, but again rumors and all that. Here's a salt lick. lol

        Eccleston wasn't happy in his role as the Doctor, which is why he was only there for 1 season.

        I'm not sure that he would have been asked, as he stated that the entire environment was the reason for his unhappiness.

      Re: your spoiler thing

      I don't think Hurt is playing the Valeyard.
      Valeyard was described as a potential incarnation coming between the 12th & final regeneration, & in The Name of The Doctor, 11 seemed well aware of who he was, so that implies that Hurt is something thats already happened in the Doctor's timeline.

      Personally, I think Hurt is playing a regeneration that came between 8 & 9 (also, notice how Hurts costume is a hybrid of 8's & 9's).
      I also think that Hurt is the incarnation of the Doctor that ended the Time War (ie: the complete genocide of daleks & time lords meaning that the Doctor was too ashamed of that incarnation to allow him to use the title of 'the doctor'. who knows, if thats right, we may get to see Hurt regen into 9 at the end? I dunno though.... we'll see next month!

        After doing a bit more reading on the end of the time war, I think you might be right. Welp, guess all we can do now is play the waiting game

        That's what my thinking was for his role as well, as I recall reading somewhere they wanted the 9th to play that role and delve more in to his attitude/burden as he was the one responsible for the death of the Time Lords. But Christopher Eccleston didn't want to reprise his role

      Your spoiler isn't right. He isn't playing who you think he is playing....

        yep ... I got that. I just couldn't be arsed changing it

    Got my cinema tickets booked.
    Also most Whovians should already know but - nine previously missing episodes have been recovered from Nigeria. The full ENEMY OF THE WORLD (6 EPS) AND THE WEB OF FEAR (5 EPS + reconstruction) are available on iTunes. Only one episode each was in the BBC archives previously. Both star Patrick Troughton.
    The ABC will also participate in the worldwide simulcast of the 50 th anniversary ep. 6am Sunday 24th Nov. This story 'The day of the Doctor' will also be screening in 3D at selected cinemas.

    I can't remember the last time I was this excited for a cinema release. So damned keen!

    So how long do we have to wait for it to be aired in Australia?

      November 24th, apparently live with the rest of the world.

        Well that's surprising

          They've done it recently for Doctor Who on iView, but the ABC has been pretty good with Doctor Who (in my opinion), the latest season they showed about 12 hours after it aired in the UK, so it aired Sunday morning for us, we had it that night on TV, which was great. Though I do recall at one point we were a week behind with episodes, I think that may have been Smiths first season that happened.

            It was however available on ABC iView an hour after BBC broadcast during that firat season IIRC.

              Yeah the ABC are good to its viewers like that. It's still my favourite set of channels on FTA TV followed by SBS.

          The ABC has always done the right thing by Doctor Who. We co-funded the 20th anniversary special and were the major buyer and second screenerof the show WORLDWIDE. The ABC has fast-tracked the latest series and made them available on iView an hour after UK screenings. In fact they have repeated more Doctor Who (by far) than the actual BBC. They are currently showing past episodes on iView and repeating nu-who on ABC2 in addition to specials. Further the ABC studios in Sydney ar host to a FREE Doctor Who exhibition.

            And the 50th Anniversary of the first Australian broadcast of Doctor Who is coming up in 2015!

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