This Is The Most Terrifying Version Of Kirby You'll Ever See

Despite the cute appearance, the wise among us know to fear Kirby, devourer of players. Fortunately, Kirby doesn't have teeth or a digestive system, so being inhaled by the guy is probably as enjoyable as a full-body cuddle. Not so for this fearful interpretation.

Click on the image above for the full version.

You can thank DeviantArt user Lal0-90 for this spiky-toothed nightmare fuel. The artist jokes that it's a "new version of my kirby from 2009". Here's the old one. You can decide whether it's an update... or mad scientist transmogrification.

As enchanting as that maw is, I think it's the beady eyes and perforated nose that scare me the most.

Kirby [DeviantArt, via Neatorama]

Image: Lal0-90


    I think the most terrifying Kirby I've ever seen/heard was in There Will Be Brawl.

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