This Man Designed The PlayStation 4

This Man Designed The PlayStation 4

Tetsu Sumii would in most circumstances be a man you'd never hear of. So it's nice that Sony have given him a shout-out on the PlayStation blog. Why? Because he designed the PlayStation 4.

Not the guts, of course, but he is the main man responsible for its appearance. You know, the box that so annoyed everyone when it didn't turn up to its own unveiling back in February.

Saying that his original idea was "totally different" to the box we've got now, he adds that the driving force behind the PS4's design was simplicty.

"I just wanted to make a simple object for the living room", he says. "Sometimes products are a little too exaggerated. It should be simple. That's my thinking."

He also says that the machine's sloping appearance and "valley" running through the middle are there so the PS4 looks good from "every angle" (something Sony touched on back in June).

If you want to read more on PlayStation design stuff, check out this feature on Teiyu Goto's controller design

Meet Tetsu Sumii, the man behind the look of PS4 [PlayStation]

This Man Designed The PlayStation 4


    But he forgot to add game chat mu haha

      Reminds me of the PS3 when it launched without rumble; just seems something like that should be a basic launch feature in this day and age.

      Oh well, Microsoft has had so many negatives surrounding it's launch, so I guess it's about time Sony added something else to the tally board..... lol

        The PS3 launched without rumble due to a patent dispute.

        Not launching without something like game chat is still neither here nor there but I'd say if they truly were confident in the console being competitive (without that first to market advantage) then they'd gladly delay release to have these sorts of features for launch.

        Unfortunately that doesn't appear the case any more. Get it out and add/fix stuff later.

          Yeah I am aware of why it launched without rumble, but the fact they used the excuse "rumble is a last gen feature" makes the reason it happened irrelevant. :P

          Do agree that these days it's more about being first and fixing stuff later, sad really... It does however make things interesting when you have a situation like ours where the Xbox is actually the first one out though.

      Did you actually read your own source? Chat will work with the headset that comes bundled with the console. It's just legacy PS3 headsets that won't work until support gets patched in later.

        Does that include all third party headsets?

          My understanding of the article is Sony branded bluetooth headsets and any 3rd party USB headset will work after the patch, but not 3rd party bluetooth headsets. Doesn't really make sense to me that 3rd party bluetooth ones wouldn't work, though... Surely one bluetooth set is pretty much the same as another - any would work on PS3, I don't see why PS4 would be different in that regard.

            From what i've read, USB headsets wont work either until the patch, which is hopefully day one.

        Headset??? Dont you mean earpeice mahaha

          Call it whatever you like, you'll still be able to chat with it on day 1.


            i like it, very secret service :D

          How does it discount this completely baseless nonsense you just spouted up top?

          But he forgot to add game chat mu haha

          You obviously sourced a since outdated, and discredited story because it happened to confirm you much-needed schadenfreude. Gaming fanboys are the absolute worst. You'd think people outgrow this shit in the schoolyard.

          Last edited 13/10/13 6:14 pm

            It was posted 11 oct and i was trying to be funny.....get a life dickhead

      This guy designed the ps4???!? Wow that was such an accomplishment... gets a Xbox one puts it in italics mission complete or should I say comprete ^_^

        What a stupid comment. So let's get this straight, you think that after Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One's chassis to generally negative reception, Sony decided to one-up them? Why? Because they wanted some of the hateorade? Just how long do you think it takes these companies to design the case, motherboard layout, etc in these consoles? I daresay more than two weeks.

        Last edited 13/10/13 6:03 pm

      yes it does... you get a working monoheadset that will work just fine.. read the article before sharing perhaps?

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