This One Is Real, Not A Fake

Weeks after someone tried to dupe unwitting folks with a bogus app, GTA V's iFruit companion app is out now for Google Play.


    I've already run into a bug. When taking Chop on 'walks' I have achieved consecutive silver medals on the activities, but Chop's happiness 'bone' doesn't go up and the blue outline around his 'walker' doesn't go up either. Other than that it works very smoothly :)
    I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S4 as well.

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    so i can finally make my car's license plate say ANUSTART?

      "Is there a little girl here all by herself? Daddy needs to get his rocks off" -- don't take that out of context please

    Finally I can put custom plates on my Entity :D

    It says my Galaxy S2 is incompatible with the app. :(

    same with my sony xperia s :(

    even tho the app says it is for andriod 3.0 and above, im running 4.1.2 sigh!

    My Galaxy told me to plug into some power and hold on for dear life because the install was so big.

    What is the point now? Just finished the campaign with a big payout, and no real incentive to wander around with the pooch picking up bits of alien spacecraft.

    *points and laughs at Android users*

    Buy a better supported phone OS.

    Finished the campaign, a lack of iFruit app for my phone has meant I have used chop a total of once, and couldn't be bothered using him again.

    Too late really. It would have been more useful if it was ready for the game's launch alongside the iOS version.

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