This Skylanders Video Is The Funniest (And Weirdest) Thing I've Seen Today

I seriously don't know what to make of this. It's like The Onion made a video about Skylanders, but it's real. Apparently the Isle Of Skye, an island just off the coast of Scotland, has been 'twinned' with Skyland, the virtual place where all the characters from Skylanders live. This is a real thing and this video is utterly beyond belief.

Watch as the dourest man in Scotland, hilariously a rep from 'VisitScotland', tells us how 'excited' he is to have a giant life-sized statue of 'Wash Buckler' randomly planted in the mountains of Skye for all to see. Watch as a local Headmaster tries really hard to not look completely confused by the whole situation.

I mean seriously, what's going on here? Is this a desperate attempt to promote Skye as tourist location? Or an attempt at viral marketing by Activision? I'm completely blown away by this. How can it be real! Brilliant.

Thanks to Luke Plunkett!


    I genuinely cannot tell if this is for real or taking the piss....

    At least the video made me interested in the physical place!

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