This Week In Games: Raise The Black Flag!

I kinda thought this week was going to be a quiet one in terms of big releases, then I was all like, oh that small indie Assassin's Creed IV game made by almost 1000 people is coming out this week. No biggie.

Angry Birds Star Wars (PS3)

What is it? What? How is this actually just coming out on the PS3. Should I care? Nah, I can't think of a single human being who doesn't own this on some platform or other.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (360/PS3)

What is it? It's the new Assassin's Creed game! Should I care? I'm waiting for this on next gen consoles. It looked so good on PS4 at E3. So good.

Battlefield 4 (PC)

What is it? Crap, I thought this was next week. Apologies for missing it first time round. Should I care? Yes. You should care. It's a big 'un.

Blood of the Werewolf (PC)

What is it? A greenlit 2D slasher of sorts with werewolves. Should I care? A lot of people seem to be pretty stoked on this game. I know very little about it.

Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut (PC)

What is it? It's that super weird video game with the cult following. Should I care? This game is interesting. It might not be good. But it's interesting.

Football Manager 2014 (PC)

What is it? A management sim about spielen sie fussball. Should I care? These games tend to be pretty great, but they are very, very niche.

Lily Looking Through (PC)

What is it? An absolutely gorgeous looking point and click adventure. Should I care? I only found out about this game's existence a second ago, but I'll set to buy this thing now.

Master Reboot (PC)

What is it? A first person sci-fi horror thing that is also a sort of puzzle thing. Should I care? Looks interesting. It's also coming out on the Vita pretty soon, so I might wait for that version.

Slender: The Arrival (PC)

What is it? The sequel to that Slender game. Should I care? I dunno. I might just wait for all those hilarious 'let's play' videos with their hilarious reactions and whatnot.

Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2 (PC)

What is it? Wait, another game with Nazi Zombies? That seems a bit derivative... Should I care? Well, I'll probably skip it. Your mileage may vary.

WWE 2k14 (360/PS3)

What is it? The latest WWE game. Should I care? It's a fans only thing really. Can't imagine buying this if you don't like wrestling.


    Battlefield 4?

      I can already hear my PC's GPU sobbing quietly to itself...

        My pc has two gpus so they can complain to each other.

      was reading the list like... hmm good week to remain playing arkham and pokemon.... then im like... oh BF4 damn :(

    I don't own angry birds, on any platform or device... and I am ok with that.

    Also, I'm holding out for next generation for AC4 but that seems so far away.

      One month, one day. I might have Gta5 wrapped up by then.

      I'm holding out for next generation Angry birds

      Are you also holding out for next gen Angry Birds? :p

      Ah damn you Tigs or Treat! Really should read all the way down before exercising my minuscule wit.

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    Yeah BF4, that's what i'll be playing this week!

    Gonna be a tough week considering I'm getting bf and ac4 on next gen might get WWE

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    I'm getting AC4 this week on Xbox360, because I'm planning on upgrading to Xbox One sometime next year - by that time, I can probably get AC4 for the Xbone for a few extra bucks (or thrown in as a bundle deal).

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    ACIV will have to wait a few more weeks until I get my PS4 ;)

    I'm getting AC4 (even though I completely disagree with it being less then a year since the previous game without being an expansion) mainly because I have no intention on getting a next gen console for at least a year.

    Also I'm very cynical about BF4 and completely avoiding it.

    Far as Battlefield and Assassins Creed 4 go I'm probably gonna hold out for next-gen, 'cos I need SOMETHING to play on them shiny new consoles.

    I'll probably get Deadly Premonition sooner or later.

    And I tell myself every year that I won't pick up the newest WWE game, but I probably will.

      'cos I need SOMETHING to play on them shiny new consoles
      Well, I'm getting AC4 for current gen, because I'll be grabbing Watch Dogs on the Next-Gen platform (it was delayed until Q2-2014, which coincides roughly with when I'm going to be grabbing the next-gen console)

      If you buy the digital version or physical version of BF4 on the current generation of consoles, I think you get an upgrade to next-gen for a small fee. I'm not sure what that fee actually is but I heard something around the $10 mark.

        This is true, however it differs by platform. PS3 to PS4 is definitely the easiest and most explained at present. If you buy a physical copy of BF4 or CoD Ghosts inside the box you get a PSN code to download the digital PS4 versions for $10 (Ghosts) $14.45 (BF4). If you buy the digital versions of these games from PSN you will get the ability to also download PS4 digital versions for the same price.

        Xbox is a little unclear. I think the digital way is supposed to be the same as Playstation but it's not really advertised on XBL and there doesn't seem to be a guarantee that the games are going to be available day one on XBL.

        Apparently for CoD Ghosts there is meant to be a digital dual licence available at retail for rrp $110. So you would effectively buy 2 CD Keys at retail (1 for 360 1 for XB1) however I have not seen these advertised anywhere.

        Sony seems to have it all sorted but Microsoft is trailing behind. Which is a pain because I actually prefer to play shooters on the Xbox Controller. But i'm keen to get into BF4 this week and will most likely stick with Playstation as its easy to upgrade. Plus, all those rumours that BF4 and Ghosts are running at higher frame rates on PS4.

        Or just buy it for PC and not have to get a new version at all.

    Lily Looking Through looks adorable. Will be grabbing that as well. Another game that I actually voted for in the greenlight process.

    I wonder if they will ever start giving additional weight to people who actually buy the games they said they were going to buy as part of the submission process. I guess it would make the ranking a hell of a lot harder, but from a business perspective would be a good move.
    Could help avoid things like day one:garry's incident offering keys for votes and getting greenlit on the basis of people wanting a free game.

      I wonder if they will ever start giving additional weight to people who actually buy the games they said they were going to buy as part of the submission process. I guess it would make the ranking a hell of a lot harder, but from a business perspective would be a good move.

      Even if it was just a weight bonus of whatever percentage of games you voted for then later brought (provided you've voted on a minimum of say, 5 games). Ie, I vote for GameA, GameB, GameC, GameD and GameE, but I only buy GameA and GameD, my vote would then be worth 1.4 votes. So every vote would be worth at worst 1, but some would reach a maximum of 2. Maybe boost it up again based on how quickly you purchased it so there's a theoretical 4 if you buy everything you vote for within the first month.
      Although I guess it's hard to know when to stop. If you thought about it all day you'd probably end up with first timers being 0.5 votes and hardcore veterans being 5 votes, with the expected amount of votes to be 4x what it is now, a minimum 1.2 for anyone who has passed the vote threshold and brought at least one game afterwards, etc.

        Yeah I think they will do something but hopefully they give it more thought than the 5 minutes I gave it when I thought of it this morning.
        So many variables they could bring in and try to work out a balance. Do you buy full price or on sale, how many games do you buy, number of games you vote for each month/week/?, percentage of voted games you buy, percentage of games you buy are greenlit that you didn't vote for or even voted against.
        I'm sure there is a dozen more things that could be taken into consideration

    I was going to get BF4 on XBOX 360 with the plan of playing it heaps on 360 then upgrading it to next gen later down the track, but looking at all these unplayed games piling up I might hold off on it entirely until January. I don't have time to even get to the shop to buy Batman. I'm seriously considering taking a week off work to just relax and play games.

    I know the XBOX One lets you plug pretty much anything into the HDMI input, but I'm wondering if anyone knows how it merges the UI? If you're not doing all this snapping stuff and just say, watching a DVD from an external DVD player, how does the XBOX notification stuff work? If I put a Wii U into the XBOX One HDMI input will that result in an XBOX Live overlay appearing over top of the input? Effectively giving me an XBOX Live enabled Wii U?

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    AC4 preorder for my PS4. So BF4 PC and finishing GTA V and Arkham Origins for me.

    I'll probably pick up Assassin's Creed IV (even though I haven't finished AC: Revelations or even started AC III). Also got Battlefield 4: Deluxe Edition pre-ordered.

    i must be the only person that isn't getting BF4 lol... might get it in 3-6 months... just not that interested

    will be continuing to play batman this week :)

    Still waiting on ac4 pc version.

      So stupid that it doesn't come out till November 21. Petty console overlords.

        Don't be sad the console peasants will test the game for us so we get a less buggy version

        Unfortunately this is just business 101. The console market is a much bigger market. I've also heard Ubisoft say in the past that the AC series is primarily built for consoles. AC3 sales according to vgchartz:

        Xbox360: 4.51 million copies
        PS3: 5.14 million copies
        PC: 0.63 million copies

          Except that it's ready to go, it doesn't make any sense not to release it simultaneously.

    Wait, ACIV's out this week? TODAY??? Initiate internet blackout! what I would say, except I've pretty much given up on AC plots.

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