Those JB Hifi Jokers Are At It Again

Game store people are routinely the best people. And Redditor EmbersLucent spotted another example of that in a local JB Hifi store, with their presentation of the new Le Tour de France game.

Can you spot what's wrong with this image?

I like to think of this one as a two-fer. While it takes a dig at the rampant doping in the cycling world, in a way, it also manages to be a dig at the Classification Board's knee-jerk readiness to stamp a R18+ rating on unworthy content. After all, cycling is one of the few universes in which drug use is truly beneficial - a bold red line for the Classification Board.


    This is honestly the most clever commentary I've seen from JB and I've seen some corkers.

    has anyone ever played one of these TDF games? What is involved apart from mashing X to pedal?
    I have the vision that it plays a LOT like the old 100m and long-jump and swimming parts of Summer Games; furiously mashing a single button

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      I played one for about 20 minutes. You don't mash buttons much. Its in cruise control mode (the one I played anyways), you mainly change the pace your rider rides.

      Its mainly about managing the stamina bar, moving the character in and out of drafting positions, and switching between team mates to organise attacks and stuff....

      kind of like watching the tour de france....except now you can't be doing something else at the same time

        cool, thank you, sounds better than I had thought. Sounds like you are more the manager than an actual rider then. Sounds alright, I quite like watching the tour.

      I've still got blisters from Summer Games and I haven't played it for 20 years.

        Athens on PS2 was the killer here. WE had some massive nights battling for WR. The only time I used the Multi Tap for the PS2. Was a great party game.

    After all, cycling is one of the few universes in which drug use is truly beneficial

    False, do you not watch the news?

    Well, $69 for a stupid computer game is obscene anyway, so R an rating is apt.

    They've really got the ball to make jokes like that. The TDF group must be going nut.

    jeez, I saw the first picture and thought they had bought out "Tony Abbott, the game".....

      When that game comes out its going to be epic. I imagine it will involve some sort of triathlon culminating in boarding an unseaworthy vessel and steering it to Indonesia!

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