Time For A Re-Do

Check out Planetary Annihilation’s ChronoCam, a feature that lets you jump to any point in time, play in slow/fast motion, delete timelines and play in reverse. You might remember this game as the ‘world-spanning RTS’ we were impressed with a while back.

More details on how the ChronoCam works here.


  • I haven’t really used the chrono cam much, but smashing asteroids into your enemies is quite fun. Especially fun when you’re racing against time to smush ’em before they can get their orbital up and run their commander away to another planet 😛

  • Having numerous issues with the mac build of the beta (especially graphics ones) but it’s getting there. Still seems like a massive memory hog though, I hope that gets optimised greatly before the release.

    • It’s still pretty damn buggy even on Win7(64). Also, the AI’s kinda rudimentary still, and it’s very much not ‘feature-complete’. Lot left to go in the beta. Oh, and at the moment, all in-game actions (even against AI) are calculated server-side, so it can get pretty laggy, too.

      Wouldn’t rush out to buy the beta just yet, anyone who doesn’t already own it. But it looks like it’s going to be kickass when done.

      • Yeah I agree, I’m glad I backed it, there’s a lot of cool ideas. But the AI is very simplistic (building ground units with no anti-air capabilities so you can just bomb them from above, for example). I don’t think i’ve ever seen any sort of explosion from crashing a planet into another, is that missing for Windows too? Have they just not created that art asset yet?

        I haven’t even tried to vs real people yet, I find that too stressful for RTS when you’re playing online. I don’t like the focus on build orders and unit combinations that is so important in the competitive play now. I wish I was back in the days where me and my friends would LAN up Warcraft III, and just built the units and heroes we liked, not the ones that were mathematically advantageous.

        It’s just strange for me as a console gamer, to see what an ACTUAL beta looks like. I’m used to things like the Halo ones where they are damn near in a finished state by the time the ‘Beta’ rolls out, and what’s left is balancing tweaks and such.

        • The AI has a lot of work to be done to it. As for the planet smashing, some people can see the effects at the moment, but not all. I’m also still yet to see any spectacular effects yet on my machine.

          As for “correct” build queues and such, well I’m glad that they’re trying to avoid ending up with a “do exactly this to win” sort of RTS. Everything I’ve seen from the devs seems to indicate that they want people to have options to work with.

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