Titanfall Comes Out March 11, 2014

Titanfall Comes Out March 11, 2014

One of next year's biggest games will be out sooner than you think: Titanfall hits Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC on March 11, 2014 in North America. It will hit Europe on March 13.

Titanfall is the first game from Respawn, the studio founded by Call of Duty creators Jason West and Vince Zampella when they were ousted from Infinity Ward in 2010. The sci-fi shooter has netted all sorts of high praise from critics and fans at conventions like E3 and PAX Prime.

The folks at publisher EA also announced today that they've got a massive $US250 collector's edition planned for the game:

Titanfall Comes Out March 11, 2014

To quote EA:

In addition to the standard edition of the game, the Titanfall: Collector's Edition (SRP $US249.99) will include an exclusive collectible 18" hand-crafted Atlas titan statue with diorama and battery-powered LED lighting, a full-size art book featuring more than 190 pages of rare concept art, and an exclusive full-size schematic poster of the Atlas titan. TheTitanfall: Collector's Edition is available for pre-order now at select retailers.

New trailers:


    I really hope this games turns out great and it looks like it will but seriously a $250 collectors edition????? A game the majority haven't played, it's not a sequel so there isn't much to go on. I just don't want another Brink on our hands. Remember Brink? Neither do I.

      It comes with an 18" tall titan...

      Considering the game will prob be $100 that makes it $150 for the items..

      Seems good value for a limited piece

    While Im set and satisfied with my decision to go back to sony, my one regret will be not playing this. Damn it looks cool.

      Jut wait a while (probably 6 - 12 months) and it'll be on PS4. EA aren't really known for making exclusives.

      Yeah 100% brother. I am going PS4 but this does look quite delicious. Having said that, everyone is telling me this will hit PS4 eventually so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

      Also, why were the two developers kicked from Infinity Ward?

        Back in 2010, they didn't like the idea of the new fish A.I. They said giant robots were better.

    I must admit, this release date is earlier than I expected, really thought they would go up against COD next year, or at the very least a touch eariler (Sep/Oct)

      Game releases have been like this for a while now.
      Jan-April Big releases
      May - Early Sept Wasteland (minus a rockstar game)
      Late Sept - Mid Nov - Big releases

      This year was crazy for early releases since half of them were delayed from their 2012 release.

        Yeah, I think a lot of publishers started avoiding the annual COD / FIFA etc releases, so stuff that would have once hit in November now arrives in Q1 the next year so it doesn't have to compete with the huge annual games.

    For fellow ozzy. The RRP for us is $399 for Australia

    Last edited 23/10/13 8:18 am


      Yep $399 on EB Games. So it costs $150 to ship it from the US?

    I know there is already speculation this will be huge, but I seriously think it will be HUGE. I think it will live up to all its expectations and then some. I can see myself sinking some, serious time in to it. Roll on March '14, woo.

    According to EB Games Twitter the Collectors Edition is Xbox one Exclusive

    The day before my birthday! It's a sign... if it's not delayed.

    rare concept art

    Lololol. Limited to how many we can sell.

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