Tropic Cola? That Makes Me Angry… Angry Birds Angry!

Tropic Cola? That Makes Me Angry… Angry Birds Angry!

The merchandising geniuses at Rovio are back again. This time around, instead of incredibly weird meats and Star Wars-themed video games, the fine folks that make Angry Birds have now released a series of Angry Birds Colas.

Originally sold and marketed in Finland and Europe, Angry Birds soda has been showing up slowly around the world. These aren’t the same as the Angry Birds Coke tie-ins found in the US but instead, this is branded Angry Birds soda.

That’s right, Angry Birds soda. On top of that, every different can features a different bird. Each one comes in a different flavour.

It’s unknown how these sodas managed to get into China, but I came across three different ones at my local 7-11 — the magical convenience store of dreams. The flavours that were available were, Red Bird: Tropic Cola, Yellow Bird: Paradise Cola and Orange Bird: Sunrise.

Now, based on the names alone, these colas make absolutely zero sense. In terms of taste, these colas also make no sense, but they’re actually mighty delicious.

Red Bird: Tropic Cola

Tropic Cola? That Makes Me Angry… Angry Birds Angry!

Splashed with a blue background and a giant portrait of the Red Bird on a field of green, the Red Bird comes in “Tropic Cola” flavour. The can doesn’t really explain what “tropic cola” is but if I had to guess, I’d say it’s Hawaiian Punch but carbonated.

Turns out, I was wrong. The soda tastes more like Japan’s CC Lemon. In the US I might relate it to a form of Sierra Mist mixed with Coke. There is a limey, pineapple-like taste with an orange afternote that reminds me of SunKist orange soda.

Yellow Bird: Paradise

Tropic Cola? That Makes Me Angry… Angry Birds Angry!

Covered with the Yellow Bird, the Paradise flavour is something strange. Originally I had expected the yellow-coloured soft drink to taste more citrusy. Instead, I was welcomed to a pineapple and coconut blend.

The ingredients don’t list coconut at all.

Paradise flavour didn’t bring to me paradise. Despite my fascination with bubbly drinks, there isn’t one that I can relate this to. The colour and taste difference still has me baffled.

Orange Bird: Sunrise

Tropic Cola? That Makes Me Angry… Angry Birds Angry!

The only cant that’s colour that matched its can and bird colour tasted great. Unlike the previous two cans, I was sure this can would be an orange soda affair. I was right.

There’s not much to be said about Sunrise. It tastes just like orange soda, a little flat maybe, but it’s nothing home to write home about.

All of this soda compounded with my impacted wisdom tooth has left me a bad taste in my mouth, though Sunrise is probably my favourite of the three. Selling close to 10 yuan or $US1.60 a can, the sodas are a bit expensive (at least in China anyway).

The major upside of drinking or buying these cans is the fact that these cans are rather decorative and pretty. There’s a different bird on each can. Maybe someone can collect them all!