Tune In Tomorrow For The Lame Game Marathon!

Starting from 10am Saturday morning, three brave young men will stand toe to toe with some of the worst video games ever conceived. They will play these video games. They will play these video games for your viewing pleasure (and also to raise loads of money for charity).

This is the third year running for the Lame Game Marathon. This time super buddies Dan Camilleri, Mark Dawes and Luke Wigley will be playing the worst of the worst. How about Zelda CDi: Faces of Evil? Yeah. Thought not. What about Night Trap for the SEGA CD! Yeah, good luck with that.

Dragon’s Lair for the NES, King of Crusher for the PlayStation 1. Christ on a bike will someone make it stop! Rumour has it these guys are thinking about busting out some Shaq Fu. Won’t somebody think of the (unborn) children? These games are clinically proven to reduce a man’s sperm count.

Dan, Mark and Luke will be playing all of these games and many, many more for 24 hours straight and will welcome any donations along with strange and bizarre requests in order to receive those donations.

You can watch the livestream here at the Lame Game Marathon official site or via their Twitch account.

It’s all in aid of UNICEF. Last year the guys raised $7,300 to help fund UNICEF in all the fantastic work they do to help underprivileged children across the globe. A worthy cause I’m sure you can agree.

The Lame Game Marathon team is also planning some might giveaways throughout the 24 hours and they have quite the goody bag…

— Turtle Beach Ear Force Wireless Headsets thanks to Tiltify
— copies of Battlefield 4 thanks to EA Australia
— collectors editions of Hitman Absolution and Tomb Raider thanks to Namco Bandai
— copies of Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, Trine 2, Project Zomboid, Gratuitous Space Battles and Escape Goat from dbolical.com
— and many more awesome prizes!

I’ve tuned in to these guys doing their thing before and it’s quite the entertaining show. If you have a spare moment join in tomorrow and, if you can, donate to the cause. Good luck to Dan, Mark and Luke. Godspeed!

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