Turns Out This Impressive Luigi 2DS Was Fan-Made

Turns Out This Impressive Luigi 2DS was Fan-Made

A few days ago we received a tip about a slick-looking "Year of Luigi"-themed Nintendo 2DS. It turns out that it is a real 2DS, just not one made by Nintendo nor one that'll probably ever be mass-produced. It's a mod.

The case was made by Matthew Wiggins, whose Rose Coloured Gaming shop makes some high quality case mods (and, in this 2DS' case, can do so in record time.) He made a box to go along with it, images of which were included in a batch we published on Wednesday.

It wasn't clear in the email we received who, if not Nintendo, was actually responsible for creating this. As we noted, Nintendo declined to comment when we asked if it was one of their forthcoming products. Our replies to the tipster went unanswered; we should have done a better job following this up, and apologise for that.

You can hear Wiggins explain the origin of the Luigi 2DS and the creation of his mod in this interview.


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