20 Years Later, EA Admits Shaq Fu Was An Abomination

ESPN's E:60 newsmagazine ran an evergreen feature last night on the history of sports video games and, while largely a collection of celebrities' memories, it did feature, at long last, a mea culpa of sorts for Shaq Fu, widely regarded as one of the worst video games of all time.

The guy at 0:40 of this video is Sandy Sandoval, a long time EA Sports figure, responsible for athlete outreach. He's the guy someone (or his agent) yells at when he's upset about his ratings in Madden (if he's not doing it over Twitter already). "Probably one of the worst games in EA history," he admits. So, there's that.

Nolan Bushnell, Atari's founder, weighed in on video gaming's roots in sports, and was joined by other luminaries of video gaming history as as Bo Jackson and Vanilla Ice. Jeremy Roenick waxed nostalgic about Swingers too.


    It wasn't THAT bad. Was certainly worthy of hiring back in the day.

      Yep. I hired it back in the day for a few weeks in a row... it wasn't that bad, and still isn't. There were many games that we're much, much worse. Like Rise of the Robots. Not even a Brian May soundtrack, or pretty (for the time) rendered graphics could save THAT turkey...

        Liked the fighting games too huh? Tell me, is the title theme to Clayfighter still ringing in your head 20 years later? That song was catchy as hell.

          Wow - Clayfighter. Hadn't that of that fun game in YEARS. Off to YouTube I go for some nostalgia....

          Yeah, that and that bizzaro theme to Ballz, haha! All average games, and gimmicky as hell, but at least they were memorable!

    Lol, EA talking about how this game is an abomination, yet ignoring the approx 5000 games they've made since that are ten times worse. I still remember the epic opening sound on that game. You know, that bruce lee style of fighting?

    Boy, sure would be great if some guys decided to play this abomination along with a load of other abominations for 24 hours straight to raise money for UNICEF while streaming the whole thing online (i'll end my shameless plug here..... http://www.lamegamemarathon.com/post/63049877760/multiplayer-bonus-game-1-shaq-fu-platform-mega ok now I'll end it)

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