Uniqlo Folds T-Shirts Better Than You Do

Uniqlo Folds T-Shirts Better Than You Do

Leave it to some employees at Japanese retail chain Uniqlo to show off the best way to fold t-shirts. Instead of simply folding the shirts, each one is creased in a slightly different place. When stacked, you can see the entire design on the side of the shirt bundle. Very clever!

Uniqlo Folds T-Shirts Better Than You Do

Not all Uniqlo stores stack shirts this way — and I'm sure there are other retailers in Japan (and other countries) who are also doing this. Below, you can see the traditional way Metal Gear Rising shirts were recently stacked at Uniqlo in Japan.

Uniqlo Folds T-Shirts Better Than You Do

But, as pointed out on Twitter and 2ch, Japan's largest forum, there are Uniqlo shops in Japan going an extra mile.

Uniqlo Folds T-Shirts Better Than You Do
Uniqlo Folds T-Shirts Better Than You Do
Uniqlo Folds T-Shirts Better Than You Do
Uniqlo Folds T-Shirts Better Than You Do

Online in Japan, people called the stacks "amazing" and added that they hoped the practice caught on. Others felt they actually made shopping somewhat more difficult — probably because you just want to admire the folding handiwork!

ユニクロの店員すげえええええええええええwwwwwwwwwwww [2ch]

Photos: miri1820, tdmyk8910, tokai_sayuru


    The first time I saw this in Tokyo it blew my mind. So much effort, it sums up Japan really.... detail.

    Uniqlo is the best. You don't take any clothes over, do an entire years worth in three hours, and it's all under $300. Yeah, it may be Japan's Target, but people here don't know that.

      Target do pretty decent clothing honestly. Just them having stock of what you want is the hard part :P

        yeah but target has taken its nickname 'tar-zjay' to heart - its now quite expensive, no way you could get a years worth of clothes for $300 there now.

          Depends when you buy from them :P I've bought at the right times there and got some real bargains. To be honest i'm simple when it comes to clothes though, jeans, a few nice shirts and the rest plain shirts and board shorts :P

      Fun fact, Uniqlo is opening stores in Australia, starting in Sydney

        heard this last year i think - any idea when?

          nah no idea, I'm a pretty crap source really, it was more of a "heard from a friend who heard from a friend" kind of deal

            looks like within 2 years from what i have read - starting in melbourne tho :(

              awww what! I live in Melbourne! I mean...sorry bro.

      May be a cultural equivalent, but I'll take a bunch of cheap t-shirts with anime and gaming designs on them over the "cool" stuff they have here. Having a good range of cuts helps too, plus the good prices you mention. Honestly hate buying shirts here in Aus -_-

    I got me some of those sweet Metal Gear Rising shirts from Uniqlo in Malaysia. Love that damn store so much

    Uniqlo is great. Whenever I'm in Asia, I buy a whole rack of undershirts, underwear, tees and such and mail it back home. It's quite cheap and very good quality.

    Being 6 ft 3 and 100 kgs, i struggled to find clothes and shoes to fit. A cheeky store attendent suggested i hit a Sumo store...

    But yeah for anyone who is of average Asian build hit it up, so much variety, it's crazy what you can find.

    Bought a bunch of anime and game tshirts at Uniqlo when I was in Tokyo a few years ago.
    Fit perfectly, $20 a pop = win.

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