Video Game Lag In Real Life Is Still Annoying

Video Game Lag In Real Life Is Still Annoying

Thank you for the Vine, Neat Dude and reminding us the worst moments of online gaming. This could be any game, really. Lag has no boundaries!

If it lasted a bit longer, we'd probably see one of them appear right behind the other to get a killshot.

Video game lag in real life [Neat Dude, Vinescope]


    Hey look, the average Australian player because developers think nobody outside US plays games :)

      Obviously I only buy multiplayer online shooters to look at the pretty box art of a dudes looking down and slightly to the right. =P

        There's an image on the net somewhere where someone took the front covers for multiple CoD and BF games, cut them up and attached them together. They all pretty much match up.
        Hell, even Halo 4 had that going for a little while.

          Don't get me wrong, I love the games, but it's essentially a picture of an AFKer right on the box. =P


    As far as I'm concerned that's the original and the best.

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