Video Games Unplugged, By The Queensland Symphony Orchestra, Sounds Awesome...

Well, this sort of snuck up on me. Video Games Unplugged, a performance by the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, is a concert focusing on — you guessed it — video games and it sounds pretty spiffy.

Taking place on November 23 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Video Games Unplugged will be presented by Kris Straub and Paul Verhoeven and will feature music from games lik The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the Uncharted series, God of War, Diablo, BioShock, World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Assassin's Creed and...

[bites fist with excitement]

... Secret of Mana.

[Squeals in excitement]

And in a cool twist Austin Wintory, the creator Journey's unforgettable score, will be attending as a special guest. Not sure what his attendance will entail, but it's a surefire bet the orchestra will play some of the music from Journey. That can only be a good thing.

You can find out more, and buy tickets, here.


    Hurry up and review Spectrum of Mana Mark. It's oh so special!

    I missed the Zelda concert when it was at the Opera house, but this one i'll attending.

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    I've had my ticket since the start of the year when it was first announced. It's the only reason I'm not mad it's getting close to November already. Should be an epic evening.

      Ooooo you do? Would be kind of pointless going on that note though, since youd have completely random seats to me :/

    So cool sounding, so expensive. alas.

    I went to this when it was in Melbourne last year and it was awesome! The secret of mana stuff was so, so good. The Skyrim theme live was fantastic as well. I would recommend going along if you are able to.

    I just saw The Two Towers that they did at Riverstage. It was mightily impressive and have had my eye on this for some time, just finding the money is the issue

    My brother and I were lucky enough to attend the Video Games Unplugged concert performed by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra last year at the Plenary. I bought the tickets on a whim because I thought it might be a nice change of pace, but I was absolutely blown away. I cannot overstate just how amazing it was.

    If anyone is on the fence about this, I seriously urge you to check it out. It was 100% worth the price of admission. As a video game fan, you really haven't lived until you've heard classic themes like those from Warcraft, Starcraft, Uncharted, Halo, Final Fantasy, Civilization or Metal Gear Solid, being performed flawlessly by a live orchestra. It'll send shivers down your spine.

      I went to the Melbourne one last year too.
      I'm interested in this one, but I wonder if it will be basically the same, if so, I don't wanna waste money going to it again...
      Although it does include music from more games than the one last year.

        Hi, QSO here. A list of works featured in this concert has been posted on our website:

        There are definitely new pieces being performed in this show, including a few premieres.

      How long was it? I know it starts at 7pm but it doesn't have a finishing time

    I really want to go to this. It will be my very first concert if I do go. Money will be the deciding factor though.

    i was debating between this and the doctor who one in feb. the whovian in me won out and i am going to that one instead.

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