Here, Have All The Covers For Bungie's Destiny

Want to pick up Destiny when Bungie's ambitious shooter comes out next year? Here's what all console versions of the game's box art will look like.


    The middle dudes helmet makes it look like he is breaking his own neck.

    I really liked the place-holder cover over this "so badass" cover.

      took me a second to realise he was facing away.

      I agree. The orginal place-holder cover was in many ways more inspiring than this generic, hackneyed one.

    i'm still finding it difficult to see if the middle guy is facing the front or back...

      I know right, it half looks like Master Chief from the Halo 5 trailer or something...

    They're doing it wrong, it's supposed to be red on one side and blue on the other.

    The guy in the middle is doing his best exorcist 360 head rotation impression

    Maybe I'm just being picky but why are covers so boring these days? Every time I browse the games section, it's hundreds of covers with a guy (occasionally a girl) standing slightly off centre with a signature gun or weapon and secondary characters sometimes in the backgrounds. I want to go back to the old days where covers with beautiful and intriguing art were why I was poor all the time.

      If I had that cover art in a 18" x 36" frame I would be happy. I still find it and call that art.

    Hopefully it comes double sided with the original place holder art. Looked far better than this pox

    Why did they show all 4 versions, the covers are all the same

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