Watch And Remember How Cool Superman Used To Be.


Watch and remember how cool Superman used to be. Yes, yes, we know: Superman seems like he’s always been corny, to some folks anyway. And, if you’re reading the current iteration of the character in DC Comics, Kal-El definitely feels like he’s had better days. But this Zach Snyder-directed video done for the character’s 75 anniversary will remind you of how awe-inspiring Superman can be and has been throughout the decades. I love how the art style morphs to match the styles of the Fleisher cartoons, Curt Swan artwork and various animated Superman interpretations. Superman can be awesome. He’ll get back there. Someday.


  • Thats kinda funny, because i was watching the ORIGINAL cartoon on channel 44 this morning, followed by original popeye, was great… animation has come a LOOOONNNG way baby.

    • With the exception of Looney Toons and Disney animated. The stuff they produced way back in the day seems to have SO much more care to it. The digital stuff however, well that just keeps on getting better and better.

  • Wow, no personal slight anger at the new movie there *at all*. Sorry but I don’t think I’ll ever get back to liking ‘the Superfriends’ or ‘Supermonkey’ ever again Evan. I grew up with those, didn’t like them then, don’t like them now. ‘Beppo the supermonkey’ can live in the phantom zone for all eternity as far as I care.

  • i still have a couple of superman cartoons from the 40s on vhs somewhere. no kryptonite, no lex luther, in fact there was no flying just superman leaping the empire state building in a single bound. Besides most of them having superman fighting japanese soldiers there were 2 stand outs: Superman vs an Armored Car and superman vs frozen dinosaur

  • I’ve never really liked Superman. The guy has every power imaginable from X-ray vision, to memory-erasing kisses to time travel. The only reason Kryptonite exists is so that he’s not overpowered long enough for the villain to do his thing, which then gets removed/destroyed/thrown into a sun, at which point Superman saves the day.


    • Actually… Luthor is one of the scariest villains precisely because he’s “underpowered” compared to Supes and yet he can still manage to one up the blue boy scout.

      The man is a machivellian genius xD

  • WOW! When the old music faded out and the new music started, the difference was night and day. The older tune has SO much life and energy in it. The new one feels really muted and not very dynamic or exciting.

  • I too was really, really disappointed with Man of Steel. It basically had nothing in it to match the magic and charm of the first 2 Superman films. The argument that you can’t have a fun, action-adventure style Superman movie these days is just silly. Supes is not Batman and he doesn’t have to imitate Batman to make a good movie. The Dark Knight films work great because they suited the character. Dark and brooding doesn’t work well with Supes because, let’s face it, he’s a guy who flies around in red underpants and a cape fighting for truth, justice and (at least in the past) the American way.

    Basically, if Man of Steel had been even 1/10th as awesome as this short I would’ve been a lot happier with it. This animation shows that Zack Synder does understand the Superman character on some level, but for some reason he just didn’t follow through with it in MoS.

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