Watch Dogs And AC IV's Exclusive PS3/PS4 Content Will Be Exclusive For Six Months.

Watch Dogs and AC IV's exclusive PS3/PS4 content will be exclusive for six months. As shown in Sony's new PS4 sizzle reel, PS3 and PS4 players will have first dibs on those hour-long extra missions for AC IV and Watch Dogs for half a year, then everyone else will likely get to play. Not a huge surprise, but good news for Xbox and PC players.


    That's good. Better than not give it at all. But I have no plans on keeping either for 6 months.

    What about Wii U? ACIII was good to us regarding DLC, so I guess the same goes for ACIV and hopefully Watch Dogs. At least we get pre-order bonuses, unlike CoD.

    Yawwwnnn all the ubisoft exclusive missions sucked in previous games
    At least xbox has timed exclusive DLC for stuff people actually want like CoD maps etc and Fifa

    So when im finally ready to buy a next gen console the timed exclusives will be expired

    In six months I most likely wont care anyway lol, especially if you have to pay for it as DLC.

    And there goes me buying it.... Until it goes on massive discount. This nickel and dime crap stinks

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