We Took A Look At Two New Features In Batman: Arkham Origins

Batman does a bit more detective work in his new game. Good thing? Bad thing? Take a look as Evan Narcisse and I show you what's new in Batman Arkham Origins.

Take a look at our full review of the game here.

Batman: Arkham Origins is out now on PC, Wii U, PS3 and Xbox 360.


    Pity the game is a buggy mess on pc

      yeah I have had the audio drop out on me after the first visit to the Batcave. So far though no other glitches.
      All my friends (playing on PC) are going solid too so maybe it just seems worse than it is?

        Luckily nothing is so broken you can't finish the story, but there are a number of side missions that are completely broken and the audio and video issues are just disgusting

          Yeah there is one of the GCPR towers i can't clear because it wont let me enter a vent that i need to use.

          also, after one of the boss fights i got stuck in the area since the exit door refused to open - but this was fixed by just restarting the game.

            Yeah this ^
            I was able to reset to get myself out of this tower, but I just figure it's to early for me to get in that tower.

      It's pretty buggy on Xbox 360, too. It's failed to load levels on my game, so I'm just gliding around black screen not dying. It freezes on mine and my boyfriend's xbox (two different generations)

      From what I hear, it's the same on the PS3, too.

        Yeah had the same experience multiple times on my new Xbox. Also had a pet where I tried to open a door and he says he can't get through and kept repeating that for the next 15 mins even through normal dialogue, which would be going over normal dialogue as well. Also had a fall through the ground glitch

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