Wear Link's Snazzy Shirt In Animal Crossing Right Now

Wear Link's Snazzy Shirt in Animal Crossing Right Now

Screw municipal management. Nothing matters in Animal Crossing as much as what you're wearing. So it's exciting that there's a new top Legend of Zelda-themed top coming to New Leaf today. Starting today, you can grab the top by scanning the QR Code you see right here.

Wear Link's Snazzy Shirt in Animal Crossing Right Now


    I may not have played every single Zelda game, but that looks nothing Link would ever wear. Also, Evan, you make it sound as though this is some kind of official distribution, DLC, or some such. It's just a design that someone made, and they've put it on the internet.

      Actually this is an official design from Nintendo advertising the Wind Waker HD.
      This is the shirt Link starts the game in before receiving the Hero Garbs.
      Also, once you finish the game, you can play through again in just this outfit (no green).

      Actually, it's a pretty accurate design of Link's pre-hero outfit from Wind Waker http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-maN7s3IsZNQ/TkIRyKXcjlI/AAAAAAAAIII/D7FdBOtvGu8/s1600/Legend_of_Zelda-The_Wind_Waker_%2528GC%2529_06.png
      Although you do have a fair point about the article making it sound official.

    It would help if you put all 4 images up.

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