Weird Things Happen Inside Battlefield 4's Collapsing Buildings

The exclusive Battlefield 4 beta kicked off yesterday with the Siege of Shanghai map available for participants, and while we've already seen buildings collapsing with amazing graphics and physics from the outside, YouTuber TerryxMasters could finally found what happens when you're inside.

The game's still in beta, so we'll probably see improvements. Still, the experience is a little bit... different.

What Happens When You Stay in the Building [TerryxMasters, YouTube]


    So you just die

      and slowly float away

        Blow up a helicopter above the building and it just floats there sometimes. Hilarious

        Wasn't that just the building slowly falling, and his body remaining in the same spot?

          This comment feels so deep. I'm off to ponder this in the deep woods somewhere for 10-15 years.

            I look forward to your conclusion when come permits.

    Not really sure what people were expecting to happen......?

    Last edited 03/10/13 2:10 pm

      probably expecting the frostbite engine to wow us with amazing post death rigid body physics, or at least better than what is were seeing now.

      It seems a little weird that a glitch so easy to discover would still be in the game so close to launch. Unless for some reason it was just this one guy having the issue.

      Last edited 03/10/13 2:24 pm

        It would push the running requirements up too high for low end machines. All those props and players colliding every frame realistically across all the buildings levels. (Physics isn't as simple to downscale as graphics, as it changes your simulation vs other players simulations.)

        Saying that though, I'd like to see people on top of the building be able to stand on it as it came down so they could jump off. It should be easy to have simpler geometry collision along the roof line that animates down with the buildings destruction, but I'd be surprised if they handle the inside deaths any differently in release. (I'm open to being pleasantly surprised!)

    Strange things do happen in there.

    Try settings all graphics to lowest setting and wait for the building to go down. Haha.

    It literally just changes to a pile of rubble. No movement no effects no particles (obviously). It's hilarious and makes you feel like you're playing a worse version of red faction 1.


    Defending the top of that tower is great fun.

    Should just collapse out from under you and if you're on the roof or close enough to shoot out a window and you can just parachute out. But with the tilting floor and shit inside to make it realistic. Now that would be impressive.

    I do wish you had more time in their before you died. So many times I run for the window, jump out and still die.

      Yeah, bit disappointed they seem to kill everyone in and on top so early.
      Was still funny seeing everyone shooting each other, then when they all realise the buildings about to collapse, seeing them all bolt for the nearest window xD

    The one of Elevators glitches and you cab still use it after the building is destroyed and you go flying

    Reminds me a lot of the problems they had with the Titans in 2142, but not quite as bad.

    I wish they would scrap Origin so I can play Battlefields again :(

    Anyone managed to access the beta on Xbox in Oz? Have bf3 premium, but beta access isn't showing on my dashboard.

    never get in an elevator during a firefight.

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