Well, That's One Way To Censor Animated Nipples

Well, That's One Way to Censor Animated Nipples

Ideas of what's socially acceptable differ from country to country. What some might think is ok, others might not. Take blue pierced animated nipples, for example. That might be cool where you live. Maybe not. Note: This story contains content some readers might find objectionable.

When Japanese anime Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic was broadcast late last year and earlier this year, one of its characters, a magical being named Paimon, had exposed breasts and pierced nipples. Like it or not, this is what it is: excessive fan service.

The somewhat surprising thing is that this appeared in a show that was broadcast at 5pm! Maybe the television censors thought this was OK because the character was blue?

Well, That's One Way to Censor Animated Nipples

The same anime is apparently now being shown in Taiwan, but according to Twitter user Noku13456, when Paimon appears on screen, there's a huge sign that reads "censored" or "banned" (禁). That image can be seen above. You can see the original, unedited image as it appeared on Japanese TV below:

Well, That's One Way to Censor Animated Nipples

On 2ch, Japan's biggest online forum, some were surprised this was shown on Japanese television, calling it a bit much.

Others wondered why her outfit wasn't changed or why the image wasn't edited. "Well, the sign is good because it's easy to understand," countered one. Can't argue with that.

台湾放送したのマギクソワロタwwwwwwwwwww [@noku13456] 台湾で放送されたマギに謎修正 (画像あり) これはワロタwwwwwwwww [2ch]


    Is it excessive fan service??

    Its one thing if the writer puts in a bathroom scene or an hot springs episode (or a woman dressed in armor designed like a bikini for war). Drawing a magical being (maybe a genie?) with a different perception of clothing to humans is not entirely outlandish.

    Granted, I'm making a comment on 2 pictures and your article alone. So I apologise if the rest of the anime is indeed just fan-service.

      Kotaku doesn't think like you do. Their perception of gender issues and morality is absurd.

      Even if there were "excessive" fanservice I'm not sure that's an inherently bad thing.
      People like what they like and if they wanna watch an anime that's all scantily clad ladyfolk then power to 'em. Ain't hurting anyone.

      I totally agree. I don't think it's fan service at all. Having the girl in a bikini, THAT would be fan service, but it's a magical genie, I expect it to have pretty non-standard clothing. I think it looks cool.

      Having watched and loved the series. I'm pretty sure that's the only boobs you even see. Although the Magi kid (Blue hair, turban & staff) you see in the fore ground did love snuggling up to large breasted women who where clothed.

      The Genie is basically the Genie of Sex.

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    I don't want to live in a world where nipples are objectionable.

      It depends which gender is exposing the nipples. If a guy is shirtless = fine. If a women is topless = cue Helen Lovejoy and the shrieking "Won't somebody please think of the children". crowd.

      Picking one's nose in public is far more objectionable to me than a nipple.

      I don't have a problem with real nipples, but if someone draws a picture of them my moral fiber instantly disintegrates and I start hurling toddlers into woodchippers. Put up a huge Censored sign, though, and everything's cool.

        I feel the same way about profanity. If someone swears on T.V. I feel inclined to engage in vicious anti-social behaviour. If they bleep it, however, my Hulk-esque transformation into an anti-social maniac is subdued.

        I know its wrong, but I have to admit for some bizarre reason, I laughed myself silly when I read this comment.

    Hrmmmmm someone seems to have mixed a little Sankaku Complex into my Kotaku today. This is rather unsettling............

    "Seamless, isn't it?"
    "You're fired!"

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    nipples aren't that bad, in the manga there's clearly a girl getting dp'd and someone giving a blowjob

    I am surprised that Japanese TV let that be shown. I get that it's supposed to be the representation of a supernatural being of some sort, but it's still nudity. Now, we can have a debate about whether or not nudity should be allowed on TV, but currently it's not in most countries (or maybe all countries - I'm not aware of a nation that allows full nudity on public TV before 10pm).

      Edit: Misread on the first go.

      Last edited 07/10/13 9:24 pm

      What's wrong with boobs for mature audiences? It got an M rating here. It may be a cartoon but it ain't a G rating here.

      Most of the college capers type movies have far more real boobs and only rate an M.

    Hmm, I don't mind the uncensored one. Of the things I would expect to see at 5pm, this wouldn't be one of them however, I don't see anything wrong with this, it doesn't appear that it's shown in an overtly sexual way, it's just how that character dresses?

    I am always shocked at how people react to nudity versus violence. I read some forum comments once where a guy complained that he started playing god of war in front of his <5 yo kids, but then hastily had to shut down the console when a female character appeared with bare breasts.
    You are playing God of War... Surely slicing up a demon is more harmful to a child then seeing something they are probably used to seeing from their mother, or even if they are not used to that - it's natural.. Unlike slicing up someone with big blades... /endrant

    Last edited 07/10/13 9:07 pm

      Totally agree. I've had so many mothers come in and buy God of War for their children, and I'm like
      Me: HEY, LADY, you know how BAD this game is?
      Lady: Oh, why's that?
      Me: It's SO violent, there is a reason its MA/R.. Young children definitely should not be playing this game.
      Lady: Oh, that's okay, they've played the first 2/3.
      Me: So you don't mind that there are topless/sexualised women in it?
      Me: Yes, there were topless women in all of them.. But.. But the violence..
      Me: + 1 parenting skills!
      Seriously though. Nudity doesn't bother me, it's the over-sexualisation that grinds my gears.

        Always good to hear that there are responsible game vendors out there :)

      Wow. I don't play god of war in front of my kids. It's way too violent.

      Honestly this isn't a kids cartoon here. Anime in Japan is not just for kids.

    Something I've never understood... As long as the nipple is covered no one objects? The rest of the breast is fine?...

    Conversely male nipples are acceptable...

    This would lead me to the conclusion that by photoshopping male nipples onto female breasts then there is no need for a censor? 0_o

      You've just found a nudity loophole. I salute you, sir.

      I always thought that this was such a stupid error on societies part. I see topless men on ABC3 constantly. Between Stoaked, Bluewater High, Rush TV and a multitude of others you can't help but see male nipple.

      These same shows and the ads for them also quite happily show women in bikinis that leave very little to the imagination and this is also fine, on a kids channel.

      Why is the female nipple such a taboo?

      From a human rights perspective I see this as no different to FORCING a woman to wear a Burka (forgive spelling if it's wrong please). What is the difference? "But the breast is sexulised!" So is the human face, and by us! Not by some omnipotent sky god.... Oh wait that's right...

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        Because ladies bewbies give some men the funny feelings.

        for some reason, these feelings make them feel bad, so they ban them.

        So the rest of us miss out.

          My guess, it would also work the other way 'round too... Minus the feel bad part though :p

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