This Is What An Xbox One Achievement Looks Like

We knew that the way achievements work has changed... but did you know that they've also changed in terms of how they look?

Here's what getting an achievement on the Xbox One looks like in motion; GIF courtesy of Gearnuke.

What An Xbox One Achievement Looks Like

Microsoft has confirmed to Kotaku that these are in fact the new achievements.

Here's some slightly-obscured footage that shows what getting an achievement on the Xbox One looks and sounds like. It seems as if, while the visuals have changed a bit, the achievement unlocked sound is too iconic to change. The achievement happens around the 2:50 mark.

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What do you think? I'm not a fan of the dark green, but I'm sure I'll grow to love it.

(Via IGN)


    Colour changes depending on the theme

      Nice, cause that looks ugly. But not that I care about a meaningless number that's supposed to make me feel like I've accomplished something ... oh, who am I kidding, I'm a total achievement whore, they make me feel like a big man!

    Why does it look like a trophy?

      Oh sheeeeit, here comes Sony 'discussion'. Why do this Microsoft!

      The trophy emblem has been a part of the achievement system long before Sony copied it.

        Oh has it? I've never taken notice. When did they change it to the X symbol?

        Last edited 20/10/13 4:17 pm

          I bel eve that even during the blades the achievement list was represented by a trophy. The trophy itself has however, never been a part of the actual achievement popping up.

    Personally I would prefer it more in the box shape to fit in with the metro style as we have seen earlier ( Oh well, at least we can change it's colour...

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