What Are You Playing This Weekend?

It's not a good trend. The number of new releases I want to play continues to increase. The time I have to play video games continues to decrease. This won't end well. What are you playing this weekend?

I've been committing myself to the Wind Waker HD remake, which I am absolutely loving. GTA V has been put on hold as have my plans to finally try out a Pokemon game! It's all about replaying one of the most gorgeous video game experiences ever crafted in HD. It really is such a spectacular looking video game.

In fact, I maintain that Wind Waker HD, a remake of an 11 year old game, is the best looking video game I've played all year. It looks that good. I can't get over how good it looks, how good it feels to play. In the least corniest sense of the word, it's magical.

Anyways, what are you all playing?


    Super Mario Galaxy, after a 2.5 year hiatus :)

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      Then you can go on to Super Mario Galaxy 2, which is even better!

        What?!? What sorcery is this?! How did you know I was planning that?! ANSWER ME!!!

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          Because once you finish Super Mario Galaxy, you want MOAR!! Playing it a few years later, you have that option instantly available to you, so you'd be crazy not to take advantage of it. Us early adopters had to suffer through the year or two of waiting.

            lol, as I was playing it I was thinking of doing just that.

            But I promised myself I'd get started on LOZ: Twilight Princess once I'm done with SMG.

            Will pick up and replay SMG 2 at some point though.

            I lent my SMGalaxy 2 copy to my brother after I finished the main levels but was unlocking stuff. Never got it back. Really regret it.

            I might have to rebuy it cheap online and boot it up on my Wii U.

              Check out the cash converter's website from time to time. I got SMG 2 for just $29 the other day.

                Hmmm I need to do this (recently got a Wii by happenstance but all of the really good games are still at extortion prices)

                  You can even get Wii U consoles there for really cheap too. Sometimes as low as $150.

                  I'm not sure why they sell certain products for so low but it does happen.

    Goodbye Deponia if it makes its way to GOG before the weekend. (It's on Steam now. cc. @sughly!)

      The trilogy is on Steam for $40 too. Highly recommend this series. Probably the finest LucasArts-like adventures in some time. (After The Night of the Rabbit.)

      (First two eps go pretty cheap during Steam sales though, so this pack is a little over priced.)

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        Also, anyone who wants to buy anything should probably be aware that Christmas sales are just around the corner.

    Beyond: Two Souls, Sonic: Lost World and Pokémon Y.

      Hopefully my Beyond Two Souls is delivered when I get home!

    More Dark Souls.

      I have just finished my second play through after purchasing it in the steam sale earlier in the year. However now I am giving demons' souls a crack and loving it just as much.

        Started it a couple of weeks ago and last night I only just defeated the bell gargoyles. So I've got a long way to go...
        Loving this game though.

    Every time I look at that screenshot it irritates my eyes, makes them feel like they're struggling to focus on the image. Stupid bloom.

    The Wind Waker! Pokemon X! GTA V! Juggling all at once, I'm going to try and play them all!

    Ah, who am I kidding. I'm just gonna sit on the lounge in my boxers and watch Rage.

    Just started Oblivion and I'm putting in the effort to actually complete it this time. Had fun with the very first NPC (other than Blades and Uriel Septim) getting in my way killing an imp so I killed her and am already on my way to the Dark Brotherhood. I really didn't want to do that until much later.

    Also, will probably take the plunge and sign up for PS Plus and get playing Far Cry 3

    Pokemon X (first ever Pokemon game) and GTA5

    Some combination of Reus, transformers, alan wake and mark of the ninja

    I will probably continue on with Dead Rising 2. I think I'm gonig to avoid the psychopath battles on my first playthrough, and come back to them when I am a higher level - which will hopefully make a difference in beating them, because right now they're a huge pain in the ass.

    Right now I want to focus on the story and rescuing as many survivors as possible.

      Dead Rising 3 looked like a lot of fun when I checked it out btw.

        Nice. I was going to skip DR3 because I never really got into DR1 or 2, but since DR2 was free last month for XBL gold members I've revisited and am really digging it. I know some people have complained that DR3 doesn't seem as goofy/funny as the others, but even if it isn't I don't think I'll care.

        With Watch Dogs delayed, DR3 will probably be one of my XBone launch pickups.

    * Bad Tower (but probably not for long. It's hard! And the music-creation element isn't as cool as I thought it would be. I was totally mislead by the smooth grooves in the trailer. I wonder if I can find that trailer-music artist and buy their stuff on its own...)

    * A few games I own but haven't unlocked Steam trading cards for (so worth it to unlock getting random boosters - my last foil sold for $13) Also, briefly poking my head into the MMOs which updated recently. Firefall, RIFT, Warframe, FFXIV.

    * Cleaning up some GTA V completionist stuff, maybe seeing if the online stuff is any more fun than a pretty terrible lobby-shooter with shithouse aiming controls and terrible communications.

    * TRYING to get back into The Last of Us. I am a bad, bad person... I like it when I'm playing it, but with the tension and a few niggling mechanics that annoy me, I'm not thinking about it all day at work and eager to get home and fire it back up, like I feel about other games.

    * Dust 514 for at least one match. HEAR ME OUT: Destiny looks too good to miss and there's a very real chance that it won't be on PC. I need to spend at least a little time on console FPS to acclimate myself.

    * FINALLY getting around to finishing The Walking Dead and Dishonored. I have a terrible habit of stopping playing games I really, really enjoy before their ending, to preserve their memory or bookmark them as having an excuse to return to them. It is a very stupid habit and I am working on breaking it. The final few months of 2013 shall be months of completionism!

    GTA V and Super Mario Galaxy with the gf if we get time and she can be dragged away from Animal Crossing.

    I'll try to fit in GTA V somewhere this weekend but it'll mostly be Pokemon X for its convenience... moving into my mate's place at Kallangur for a few weeks so I'm a little closer to my new job just until we find a place for ourselves in Springfield Lakes. So not a whole lot really, just stressing about the job and the mindless commuting to and from work.

      Kallangur... I'm in Petrie, I'll wave at you out my window *waves*
      You didn't happen to move in with people called Sam & Susan did you? They're friends of mine from Kallangur that just got a new house mate.

        *waves back* (to no avail as I'm still on the coast, but it'll totally work when I'm in kallangur!)

        Nah thats not me unfortunately, they sound like a nice couple :) couples with the same first letter just work ya know?

          aha, yeah I'm actually at work and not at petrie so it didn't work anyway :P You me and d.c are all really close now, and jimu :D

    Skylanders: Swap Force, and maybe a bit of GTA: Online.

    THE STANLEY F'N PARABLE , and so should you.

    Because its totally an 8.

    I'll continue my streak of saying I'll play something new and then the weekend rolls around and it's nothing but GTA Online

    Wind Waker, Pikmin 3 (if I can be bothered to stand up and remove the WW disc from the drive), GTAV, Stealth Inc., and, of course, Spelunky. Always Spelunky.

    Oh and I might force myself to finish the very disappointing Rain. Just so I can delete it from my hard drive.

      Pikmin 3 (if I can be bothered to stand up and remove the WW disc from the drive)...

      Haha! So lazy, but so true! I had a similar predicament with Beyond: Two Souls and GTA V. (Beyond won! :D)

      I feel you man. Exact same boat. Been meaning to start Pikmin 3 co-op with my wife, but every time I turn the Wii U on I'm like... ah bugger it.

    PERKERMERN ERX!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'd like to say I'm playing a whole lot of things but i know I'm going to end up playing GTA online all weekend, I have to catch up to my crew's ranks, they're all over level 100 and I'm only 45, one of them hit level 140 the other day, is there a level cap?

      Jeebus! I'm on L9 - I need to get to some level at which explosive weapons become available!

    Totes agree on Wind Waker, looks so much better now I've finally got my hands on it than I could ever have hoped. Really incredible stuff.

    Wind Waker triforce & heart collection, GTAV after kids go to bed.

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