What Comes After Mega Evolution In Pokemon X & Y?

What comes after Mega Evolution in Pokemon X & Y? For Blastoise, evolution has gotta mean more cannons, right? You can never have too many cannons. (Memebase via Andrew Kane)


    His cannons will be the cannons that pierce the heavens!

      His cannons will connect to other cannons that will be part pokemon and part web browser and part game console and part turtle
      It's the PokeCentiCannon

    I thought the squirtle gang glasses was a nice touch.

      I remember what your talking about from the TV show, but I am pretty sure it is actually a gurren laggen reference

    Do the new Mega evos have new name or is it just Mega (insertnamehere)?

      I think the mega evolutions are temporary, and revert back to their prior evolutions after combat so I wouldn't be surprised if they have generic Mega "X" names.

      Don't hold me to that though.

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        Yeah I knew that it was only temporary. Just wondering if they were bothered with giving out new names. Mega charizard X has a nice ring to it.

          The names stay the same, so Mega Charizard X will still show up as Charizard.

    No matter how many cannons Blastoise has, it's still going to shoot water out of it's mouth.

    That gif is terrible for those who suffer trypophobia T_T

    Last edited 11/10/13 5:48 pm

      SNAP.... i've always wondered if there was a word for that, i'm not afraid so much as it just grosses me out and i get a bit anxious when i look at it... learn something new every day

        That's pretty much what it is for most people. Some are genuinely afraid for it to be a phobia while the rest of us just gets this really uncomfortable feeling. It plays a huge part in my arachnophobia, I absolutely freak out at furry spiders but react in a more rational manner towards non furry ones. Scorpions are fine. Repeating uneven surfaces are just... ugh.

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          See im fine with the patterns on flat surfaces, its the holes that get me... skin crawling just thinking about it... i actually saw the gif and at the last part shuddered and scrolled down fast lol.

          wonder what causes it... might have to do some horribly forced research.

            It's apparently not even considered a proper phobia by psychiatrists lol so scientific research is likely limited.

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