What's The Story Behind Your Online Name?

What's The Story Behind Your Online Name?

We've all been there before. Load up a game only to be met with a blank space asking what should be a simple question: What would you like to name your character? Or, even before you pop a game in, your GamerTag? Or your PSN ID? Your Steam username? Five hours pass and maybe you've come up with something cool.

So, what it is? What's your handle online? And perhaps more importantly: what's the story behind it?

I've been alternating, but I love to snatch up "Tesseract" when I can. First off: it's a four-dimensional hypercube, and what's not awesome about that? Second off: it even sounds cool to say. Third off: as someone with a four-letter first name, I don't get many opportunities for nicknames but "Tess" sounds pretty delightful.

I used to use "Zereshk" a lot. It's a word in my native language — Farsi — which is a sweet and somewhat sour berry. I kind of just liked how it sounded but you wouldn't believe how many people I've run into online who get tripped up on that triple consonant at the end.

And, yes, the waving girl up there with the poor excuse for hair is my Xbox Live avatar. (Video games hate people with long hair.)

What about you guys? Share your stories below. It can even be a tale about your Kotaku name.


    XBL Used to be Cliffracer, account got hacked, now is Skoomaplease, both in honor of that awesome homeless dude in Oblivion. "FLYYYY CLIFFRACER FLLLYY, SO HIGH IN THE SKYYY!!!"

    Red Artifice was picked from flicking through a dictionary for a hotmail account in high school. No deeper meaning, just sounded cool, and now I've used it for a decade +.

    Video games hate people with long hair

    I know right? It's especially bad if you are a guy and have long hair. and a beard. and look angry all the time.

    It's a compelling story of using the first letters of my first and last name... and totally putting them together! D:

    I hate this question, every time I have to come up with a name for my character I usually just go for "player 1" or "me", and for usernames/gamertags I sit there for hours trying to think of something that isn't taken and usually just end up going with one of the suggestions they came up with from my failed attempts.

    Mine is a compound name. It's actually short for Wisecracking Hacker.

    The hacker part is the old school definition of a computer expert before everyone started using it to describe a black hat hacker or user with malicious intent.

    As for the Wisecracking part - it pretty much sums up what I did 90% of the time in high school.

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      Wisecracker Hacker has a good ring to it!

        That might explain why when I've signed up to some forums and found that name already taken. Same compound, different reasons.

        I kid you not, I found my online name taken four times already.

          Don't the good hackers now call themselves 'crackers' so you could be Wisecracker and come full circle

            Nah, a cracker is a malicious user. However, it also depends on where you work and where you have been schooled.

            My path was a hacker is a good user and can (virtually) work out any computer system while a cracker is someone who uses hacker skills to cause trouble.

            Another pair of terms is the white hat and black hat. And there is even the ethical hacker and hacker pair.

            The definitions for a non-malicious and malicious computer user have been over loaded now I often just stick to the old school terms as I am more likely to be understood when I compare the two.

              Interesting take on it. I always associated crackers with pirates, and hackers with malicious deeds. Most self proclaimed crackers I've known over the years are only interested in removing protection. The lines are probably very blurred these days though

    Always loved Phoenix (Phoenixes?) as a kid, plus it was a mad eidolon in FFIX :P
    Kobrakai because it's a song I liked at the time I was creating my first gamertag (2002?), also the name of the evil gym in the first Karate Kid movie. Plus I think it sounds cool.

    I ended up using Stonefalcon from my first time playing an MMO. Admittedly it was WoW BC and I wanted to play a Tauren because I loved their code of honor and a druid cause a friend bet me a case of beer I couldn't get it to main tank raids. Looking at the names of the Tauren I took "Stone" for the Tauren's physical stature and "falcon" for the freedom of the animal since druids had the freedom to shapeshift into multiple forms. Everyone I knew in game kept saying how apt the name was so I decided to use it for everything.

    FYI I did enjoy that case of beer :D

    Awnshegh (AWN-shay) is from D&D Birthright and is an Elvish word for a nasty Elven group known as the Awnsheghlin translated as "Of the Blood of Darkness". Been using it for nearly 20 years and no plans to change.

    My Xbox Live name is 'TheCryingNipple' because I have sensitive nipples.

    I'll often include spoons in other usernames, simply because they're my favourite form of cutlery.

      Ahh yes, that's why there are so many spoons, forks, knives and spoforkives out there on the internet forums. Explains a lot.

    Many many years ago at school, my friends and I ran a local IRC channel on Austnet. One of my friends, Brad, decided one day to change his handle to B-Rad. (Be Rad) I thought this was incredibly stupid. So I changed mine, Bob, to B-ob as a joke. It stuck.

    B-ob wasn't accepted on a lot of forum registrations though, because of the hyphen, so I started phonetically spelling it out as beeawwb and alternate between the two now.

    Once upon a time many moons ago, I was part of a group in a forum that was known for being able to derail any thread, only one section was free form our tryanny and that was the news threads posted by the devs ... well, one day that changed and we ended up starting a 2000 post derail that zigged and zagged between topics like a club footed ballerina and ended up melting something. Everyone started changing their handles and display pictures to some one else in the forum to add to the confusion and whoever could stay hidden the longest won control of the main forum.

    I won and changed my picture to a piece of tofu trying to claw its way out of someones lips. Later I began ruling the forums as SCREAMING TOFU! and it kind of snowballed from there.

      Was that the old MekTek... I remember Gwars going ballistic whenever we'd crawl out of the spam threads.

    In high school, I went through a host of daft handles before settling on Trojan Rabbit. When I tried to sign up with AIM, that was taken and it suggested TrjnRabbit. For some reason, I decided that was non-terrible and went with it.

    Somehow it stuck and I've been using Trjn and TrjnRabbit for about a decade now. I'm fairly confident that every account online that uses either of those names is me. Well, aside from Twitter and Reddit. Someone decided that Trjn was a good name to post porn under on Reddit.

      Those condom people when will they learn

        I've definitely never, ever used the name CndmBunny to mock myself.


        Except that one time.

          Cndmbunny is what I reckon the Duracell bunny uses..keeps going and going and going

    "Kaiser" comes from my favourite RPG series, the "Breath of Fire" series and was usually reserved for the 'ultimate' dragon form. "Neo" comes from Kaiser usually always being taken.

    I got my name from mishearing a line in Futurama where they were talking about pop tarts. I simply took that and added a number because all the cool kids use numbers.

    My PSN username and a truckload of my online forum names is Matt_3D. It's crap, and has no meaning other than my name is Matt and I do 3D for a living. I'm hopeless at coming up with usernames, so I just reuse that over and over. Hopefully I can change that with the PS4.

    Oh, as for hoi polloi, we just randomly say it at work for no other reason than that it sounds silly.

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    Gamertag was Bogan Josh cos I listen to metal and at an indian restaurant told the guy my name and he laughed "like Rogan Josh", mate of mine said more like Bogan Josh, sorta stuck, but that account stopped being able to play EA games so created Black Dahlia NZ after my favourite band The Black Dahlia Murder

    I think I was simply looking for an exuberant name to appear in people's kill cams for Team Fortress 2. It's often shortened to Splendifero due to various services with character limits, which is okay because it makes me sound like a wizard.

    Back in 2004, I was really into Crank Yankers.

    I then put a wog accent on the vame to make sure it wasn't taken (I'm Greek).

    Remember the game Dance Dance Revolution? Well, I used to a big player of the game, one day a friends suggested Dans Dans Revolution as a nickname, and I liked it.. (oh when youre 20 everything sounds good) - Over time I removed the Revolution and put DansDans together, but most people now just call me Dans

    after hearing my friend complain about his lag and hearing him be convinced he was being ddos'd, i just told him it was some random hobo stealing his copper wiring and making him lag and dc. hence copperbandit.

    About 15 years ago I was at my childhood friends house playing Sim Farm on their PC. When it asked for me to enter my name I accidentally typed ambrew instead of andrew. It kinda stuck since then and my nickname is brew.

    One of my mate's was on about creating these things with fusing words together. So I fused hydrogen with my first name and this is what I got.

    Mine came from a line in the "Tundra Rap" from Mighty Boosh season 1. It usually varies depending on the if its taken or if I can use hyphens.

    It was a nick name an ex gave my penis.

    What? You were expecting something poetic???


        Man. That still happens. The other week i had a Tri-stream going.
        I imagine it's how Link would pee.
        It's not nearly that awesome, though.
        Just messy.

          'Quick Link, you have to retrieve the Master Sword and gather the Tri-stream'
          Great, Legend of Zelda is ruined...

            Just wait for me to ruin ghost busters.

            DON'T CROSS THE STREAMS!!!

              'If there's something strange
              in your neighborhood
              Who ya gonna call?

                'If there's something strange
                in your neighborhood
                Who's it gunna be?

                * Fixed

                  Fine, i was trying to make you look like the good guy, squirting your tri-stream at all the bad guys... DON'T MAKE ME BRING OUT YOUR NIPP- I MEAN- WRESTLING VIDEO!

      This is a Chalupa.


      Apparently, according to the Spanish dictionary, Chalupa means: small boat.

        I know exactly what a Chalupa is - but not quite me.

        The said ex was Argentinian, so i put on a latino accent in a high pitched voice, which she decided was the voice of... mini me... and dubbed the nume chalupa - oh which i changed the spelling of.

        Although... small boat would be quite apt.. I mean, it is full of semen and handles well in the wet.

        Ok ok.. i'm going..

          also fitting if you had a big girlfriend..

          Slap her in the gut and ride the waves in

        I was about to say 'delicious' then thought better of it.

          I'm just glad you didn't think "cheesy"

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