What's Your Favourite GTA V Jam?

What's Your Favourite GTA V Jam?

One of the coolest things about Grand Theft Auto V (and about GTA games in general) is that each player will get a slightly different soundtrack. Sure, the general playlist will remain the same, but every iconic moment may be accompanied by one of dozens of great songs.

And they are great — with GTA V, Rockstar soundtrack supervisor Ivan Pavlovich and his team have outdone themselves. Even after completing the main story, I continue to hear new, terrific tracks.

By now, those of you who have been playing the game since it came out have probably got a favourite tune. (You've also probably got a few tracks you can't bear to listen to anymore — For me: You don't gotta like it 'cause the HOOD gonna love it! You don't gotta like it 'cause the HOOD gonna love it! Oh my god already we get it.)

Tonight, let's list our favourite tunes from the game, along with any stories those tracks have inspired. You can find a full tracklist here.


1. One song per entry. Feel free to post multiple entries, of course.

2. Please comment with submissions, not just regular comments. Save normal comments for the entries themselves.

3. No spoilers, please. If you GTA Memory involves a significant story spoiler, try to talk around it. If you must have a spoiler in your entry, please mark it clearly, in bold. This has been an issue in some past GTA posts, and unmarked spoilers will get your entry deleted.

4. Follow this format:



Radio Station:

GTA Memory:

Alright, let's do this thing. I'll go first.


    Tune: Give It To Me Baby
    Artist: Rick James
    Radio Station: Space 103.2
    GTA Memory: Prostitutes giving it to me, baby. Naw, that song is just funk, the whole funk and nothing but the funk.

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    Tune: Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake
    Artist: Small Faces
    Radio Station: Los Santos Rock Radio
    GTA Memory: I'm sure we all remember the excitement when the first trailer was released (featuring this song), blowing all our expectations away. When the game finally released, my very high expecations were still exceeded and this song reminds how exciting GTA games can get, especially prerelease.

    Am I the only one disappointed by the radio in GTA V?
    A lot of the stations seem pretty similar to me and I'm always hearing the same handful of songs all the time. Even the commercials and talk sections seem sub par this time.
    I'm a massive fan of all the old GTA radio stations but can't get into this one. Maybe it's a true reflection of modern/American radio which is why I don't listen to radio anymore.

    Tune: El Sonidito
    Artist: Hechizeros Band
    Radio Station: East Los FM
    GTA Memory: Ever police chase ever.

    Tune: Amoeba
    Artist: The Adolescents
    Radio Station: Channel X
    GTA Memory: Me and my mate going on an epic police chase across the state to a punk rock sound track!!! They wasted us, but it was fun as all hell anyway ^_^

    Tune: Gangsta Gangsta
    Artist: N.W.A.
    Radio Station: West Coast Classics
    GTA Memory: It's really not about a salary, it's all about reality... Look. There's nothing else I want to listen to while I'm low-riding in DA hood.. But you don't gotta like it 'cos da hood gonna love it. Whaddup. IDK what I'm saying.

    There's been loads, but one that I can remember clearly is:

    Tune: If you leave me now
    Artist: Chicago
    Station: Los Santos Rock Radio
    Memory: After Michael's family leave him, he hops in his Obey to hear this. I almost teared up!

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      Nah the best instance of that song in the game is when trevor is driving a particular someone home

        You're so right. I mixed them up, pretty sure it is a different song for Michael's family moment. Also, agree with your comment below, Radio Ga Ga is awesome in so many different stages of gameplay! The radio has been a bit of a dud for me too, I pretty much always have it switched to Radio Rock and still there aren't many good ones.

    Tune: California Soul
    Artist: Marlena Shaw
    Radio Station: The Lowdown
    GTA Memory: Just the perfect song for cruising along the San Andreas coast.

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    Tune: Ambitionz Az a Ridah
    Artist: 2Pac
    Radio Station: West Coast Classics
    GTA Memory: The very first car jacking I completed, getting chased by the cops, this is on the radio - perfect.

    Tune: Hollywood Nights
    Artist: Bob Seger
    Radio Station: Los Santos Rock Radio
    GTA Memory: I was cruising the Vinewood strip at night and this song came on. It was just perfect.

      Yeh this is a standout track for me too. I'm usually into my hip hop, but I like cruising with Michael to this song.

    Tune: I Don't Care Anymore
    Artist: Phil Collins
    Radio Station: Radio Los Santos
    GTA Memory: Whenever I switch to Michael and he is in a car it seems to playing, plus it's Phil Collins, he's awesome.

    Then there's

    Tune: Gin & Juice
    Artist: Snoop Dogg
    Radio Station: West Coast Classics
    GTA Memory: I was playing as Franklin and it came on and it just suited what I was doing,

    tune: appetite for destruction
    artisit: NWA
    radio station: west coast classics
    GTA Memory: When Franklin and Lamar repo those first cars and race each other, this was the PERFECT song for the moment!! It got my blood pumping, and I had a smile on my face from ear to ear. I grew up on NWA and that one did it for me..

    Tune: Radio Ga Ga

    Artist: Queen

    Radio Station: Los Santos Rock Radio

    GTA Memory: A good half an hour into playing the game and I FINALLY found a song that wasn't just not-crap but one that I genuinely liked. I really hate to say it but radio wise, GTA V has been a dud for me. About the only songs I really like rather than just tolerate are Radio Ga Ga, Photograph & Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting

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    Tune: Pure Shores
    Aritis: All Saints
    Radio Station: Non Stop POP
    GTA Memory: First time I got in a helicopter and bailed out over the ocean and parachuted into the sea. Jumped on an ATV that was parked on the beach and this song came on. Perfect for cruising along the ocean shore!

    Tune: What a Fool Believes
    Artist: Doobie Brothers
    Station: Los Santos Rock Radio
    GTA Memory: I loved that early mission where a homicidally-pissed-off Trevor jumps in his jeep only to hear this song.

    Tune: The Breakup Song
    Artist: Greg Kihn Band
    Radio Station: Los Santos Rock Radio
    GTA Memory: Can't remember

    Someone already mentioned my favourite - Night Moves, there's a story to go with it over at TAY. This one listed is my second favourite.

    Actually, no one previously mentioned my favourite. My mistake.

    Tune: Night Moves
    Artist: Bob Seger
    Radio Station: Los Santos Rock Radio
    GTA Memory: Jumped in the car with Dave and Michael to take on a new mission, this track started up and totally set a different change of pace. Made it feel like a chilled mission was ahead. May have even been the torture mission. Loved the track.

    Tune: Gimme More
    Artist: Britney Spears
    Radio Station: Non Stop POP
    GTA Memory: getting my first lap dance and flirting with the stripper enough for her to take me (Trevor) home!

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