When Batman Runs Out Of Money, Things Get Desperate

Why would the World's Greatest Detective need to do endorsements? He's rich, right?

Not after, as The Warp Zone points out here, appropriating billion of dollars of cutting edge military-grade prototypes for personal crime-fighting use, he isn't. And watching Batman become a spoke-vigilante for McDonald's and Coke Zero is pretty damn funny.


    It always frustrated me that Nolan's Commissioner Gordon couldn't figure out Batman was Bruce Wayne. At the end of the last movie when Batman is revealing his identity to Gordon by saying 'sometimes all it takes is doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a young boys shoulders', I was ready for Gordon to interrupt and say 'listen, I'm a detective, it's painfully obvious you're Bruce Wayne, I was just being polite, plus I had nothing to gain by outing you. In fact, I'm kinda a little insulted that you assumed I didn't know ...'

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