When Hipsters Ruin A Dungeons & Dragons Game

Zero Charisma is an upcoming movie about a bunch of D&D-playing friends who recruit a new player to their game. A man who cares about his jeans and brings beer.

As our sister site io9 points out, the portrayal of "nerds" in the movie may not be that flattering. The existing players are your tired assortment of dork stereotypes; virgins living at home, heavy metal fans, socially challenged, aghast at the notion of someone drinking during a game (when I can't remember the last time I didn't see a D&D game where everyone was drinking/stoned/both).

But hey, it's a movie, not a documentary. They at least got a World of Warcraft eye-roll right. And considering it was funded not by Hollywood but by an Indiegogo campaign, it's looking OK!

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    Wow, it looks like D&D players in this movie will perpetuate the stereotype that they're complete losers that have no idea how to fit into the real world. Don't you just love it when we're the punchline?

      As a self-hating hipster, I'm also offended at the stereotypical portrayal of hipsters in this film.


          On that note, I also find the stereotypical portrayal of mothers rather offensive too...

    Yeah...that's not going to encourage me to burn my D&D collection and move out of home before I turn fifty so I can get a job that will afford me the drunken street brawling lifestyle that is taken for lower class normal. PS anyone living in Central Darokin, Western Alfhiem, Southern Glantri or the Broken Lands please be informed that the destruction of the Nucleus of the Spheres results in a regional Quake and the failure of immortal Magic that stops the Subterranean Realms of the Broken Lands and Shadow Elf Realms from experiencing Critical Subsidence and the surface lands from falling into a thousand feet deep hole. Enjoy that bitches.

      I failed my knowledge (DnD) roll. Stupid d20 hates me.

    To be fair, it's not an entirely inaccurate stereotype - throw a D12 at a game of D&D and you have a decent chance of hitting someone who looks a lot like the main character.

      Stereotypes are self-reinforcing, though. The reason you see a lot of people like that is because people who aren't like that are afraid people will think they are.

    Why is everyone so worried about the "portrayal" of things? I'm convinced they need a checklist for movies and stories; they need to get women, sexuality, ethic groups, politics etc. their version of "right". Every second thing on this site claims that something is tired or that it's a trope and leaving no room for subjectivity or interpretation. It's like they're trying to lay ground rules for creativity. Let people do their work for once without trying to insert irrelevent politics based on vapid observations.

      It is, actually, quite the opposite. They want people to stop using the ground rules they use now, because they are pretty shitty to a lot of people. And aren't, generally, a sign of creativity. There will always be a degree of archtyping and stereotyping, but it has gotten to the point of being a very narrow checklist at a very narrow target, and everyone outside thast is really getting tired of it. Asking for basic decency isn't wrong just because it might be harder. Like, since you mentioned women, asking that, hey, maybe women be included in movies as something other than eye candy for men, and allowed to, maybe, just maybe, have conversations and such. Which /almost never happens/. Say what you will about the Bechdel test, but it does show a basic fact that makes people uncomfortable: Women aren't allowed to talk to other women, unless it's about a man. The test is simple to pass, it takes two female characters with names, allowed to talk to each other, about something that isn't The Man. And /the vast majority/, /vast/, doesn't even accomplish that.

    This is why I don't usually tell people I don't know well that I play games and like RPGs. As far as they're concerned, this is what you are.

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