When WWE's Jim Ross Commentates, Video Games Get Better

Despite his recent retirement I suspect that, for most fans, Good ol' Jim Ross will always be the voice of the WWE. But now that he's out of the wrasslin' game there's no reason why he can't be the new voice of video games...

This quick and dirty mix of video games commentated by Jim Ross is hilarious. It takes classic JR soundbites and applies them so some of the most memorable moments in games. It's close to genius. The whole Call of Duty section in particular is worth the price of entry.


    HAHA thanks excellent.
    Brings back alot of childhood memories :)

      It's crazy that I actually remember precisely what JR is commenting on just from these sound bites.

      Man I watched a lot of wrestling.

        "It was me Austin! It was me along!" "Awww son of a bitch!" JR was channeling the rage of IWC at that moment

        And it was amazing. Loved that era of Wrestling.
        Its just not the same anymore :(

    Severely disappointed at the lack of both government mules and scalded dogs.

      And no stomping a mudhole and walking it dry!

    I was very lucky with wrestling. I was a child during the 80's era, an older teen/early 20 something during the attitude era. I seemed to be the WWF's target audience for half my life. I no longer watch the current product, but I still enjoy watching some old matches on Youtube once in a while.

    BAH GAWD this is hilarious, JR goes down as the best commentator in the biz.

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