Which Graphics Card Do You Use, Nvidia Or AMD?

Which Graphics Card Do You Use, Nvidia or AMD?

If you play games on PC, there's a good chance you use a graphics processing unit (GPU) built around technology from one of two companies: Nvidia or AMD. The question is: Which?

I've used both brands off and on for a while now — both Nvidia's GTX line and AMD (formerly ATI)'s Radeon cards have their own cadre of optimised games, and each one is plenty powerful enough to have a good PC gaming experience. But I've been curious as to which cards more of our readers use, so I thought I'd do a poll.

A few notes on the poll options. BOTH is intended for those who own a GPU of each brand, and either A) regularly swap them out depending on which game you're playing or B) Have two PCs, one AMD and one Nvidia. OTHER is intended for those who use some other graphical solution to play PC games. I DON'T PLAY PC GAMES should be self-explanatory.

OK! Let's see which GPU is more popular among Kotaku readers:


    Nvidia for me, although I've used AMD in the past. Currently using a GTX 760 that manages most games at around ultra in 1080p. Will possibly buy a second card to run SLI when the next-gen has truly started, or if I decide to get a high res monitor to replace the big screen TV.

    I just recently switched form a GTX570 to a HD7970 Ghz editon after tossing up between that and a GTX770. In the end free games made my choice.
    Theres nothing wrong with the 7970 but I wish I went the Nvidia option. Nvidias control panel is way better and they are always releasing driver updates. I couldn't tell you the last time AMD released new drivers.

      try radeon pro :D way way more options than catalyst

    I used to always go for nvidia, but several big issues had been happening lately that forced me to upgrade the PC's in the house to ATI. First, was the whole TF2 / HL2.exe nvidia driver crash, forcing me to restart the game. Second the crash to desktops in borderlands for my partner. Tried many a driver updates to fix the issues, but both were fixed immediately on getting the new cards.

    Both are pretty much the same, for someone to say one brand is absolutely better is a fool. not only are individual cards exceptional on either side, both work great at different aspects. I've not shopped for a long time but I've got a 6970 that was way to competitively priced to pass up. I just went with my hip pocket.

    Uh, they have released new drivers almost every month this year. In fact there was a new beta and normal release just two weeks ago. Must not be paying attention.

    Nvidia. And I know that the AMD/ATI are good. I just had too many issues historically that it has left a bad taste in my mouth. Remember the days of ATI where depending on what game you played is what version of Catalyst you needed, because version x would crash the game, y would be jaggy and z would work? How about the days when game makers had a specific troubleshooting section in their help/faq for "ATI Owners"
    Yeah. That's all fixed now. I know it is. But it's just my brain can't accept it. Maybe one day I'll try again.

      The driver issues, which caused hundreds of hours of frustration over a couple of years drove me to buy a few consoles.
      I have only recently bought a new Desktop PC in the hope of some improvement (I wanna rock on Battlefield 4).

    I've always been with ati/amd until I got my gtx580 direct cu2. I never had any major issues with ati besides the fan noise from my last card. The 580 is amazing but damn Its not a good idea to play any graphic intense games during summer unless I wanna roast.

    I'm mostly a console gamer (PC DRM put me off) but when it came to graphics cards I have always used nVidia cards. Mostly because I rarely ever had a problem with them. The only time was with a 6600GT but I later found (after returning it) the real culprit was the cheap PSU I had at the time (Usicase, AAAAGH!).

    Brand wise though, I get Gigabyte nVidia cards. They maybe the budget variety but they still hold up well.

    I have 2x 7970oc Editions running 1100mhz core clock. They run really well on BF4 FPS is between 60 and 180fps which im pretty happy with. Go AMD, bring on the 290X

    i have always had AMD cards except my first pc with an mx400.
    if i remember correctly one of the deciding moments was half life 2 being bundled with ATI cards. that was when i got my first "real" graphics card and have stayed with ATI/AMD ever since

    Team Green (Nvidia) vs Team Red (ATI/AMD)...I've always been with Team Red for many years....

    I'm running a 6950 Dirt 3 Edition with the 6970 shader unlock and all is well...planning on upgrading to either a 7950 or whatever AMD is releasing on the horizon...

    Im still using a HIS HD5850 alongside my AMD 965 Black Edition - and playing current gen games on high settings. even crysis 2 (not really sure how intensive it is, ive never been a crysis person).

    i keep wondering about nvidia cards for my next build, but i find amd does the job i need it to at a better price point, ive never been disappointed with my HD5850 and its already 3 years old now.

    Used to run AMD CPU's and Radeon graphics back in the day, because they were great to build performance on a budget. Nowadays, Radeons aren't cheaper and their drivers are woeful. Also AMD CPU's suck - oh how the mighty have fallen.

    These days it's Intel CPUs and Nvidia GPUs for me.

    Running a pair of reference Gigabyte GTX Titans with XSPC Razor Waterblocks and backplates.

    I use Nvidia SLI for gaming, and AMD for cryptocurrency mining.

    I have been AMD for the past 10 years (before that NVidia and before that 3DFx); and I am moving back to NVidia for one reason and one reason alone....
    I bought a 27-inch Asus 3D monitor (inbuilt 3D and glasses); but I discovered that my AMD (Crossfire) will not work in 3D with this monitor. That REALLY GRATES MY TEETH.

    Unless the new AMD R9 cards will do 3D on it, I will be buying NVidia real soon; but its hard to find the information, and my patience is wearing thin. At least my PS3 runs 3D perfectly on the monitor..

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