Which Pokemon Did You Get, X Or Y?

Which Pokemon Did You Get, X Or Y?

If you have a pulse and own a 3DS, chances are you probably spent part of the weekend playing Pokemon X & Y. And yet before you even buy the game, you must begin to make decisions. Which one to get, X or Y? And which Pokemon to train? Time for a reader poll. And not just any reader poll... a Poke-poll.

Er, sorry, that was not a good pun. I'm pretty new to this whole Pokemon thing. At any rate, I want to know which game most people got — Patricia is under the impression that most people got X, though I got Y and now I feel sort of cooler for it.

Let's get polling.

And which starter?

And which from the other three starters?

I am dead curious to find out who chose what. And if you're wondering about how to get going, I highly recommend reading Patricia's lengthy, detailed tips article.


    I bought Y and picked Chespin & Squirtle because I also got Torchic through download. A lot of my friends got X because of the "cool" Charizard X

      I went for the same Pokemons for the same reasons (Grass, Fire, Water), although I got Pokemon X. Because of the deer though, not the Charizard.

    Picked up X, picked up a Froakie and a Charmander, along with the free torchic - no its not balanced but dat Charizard X :P

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    The second two polls are currently split as I expected, but I thought there'd be a bigger difference in copies of X and Y. 49.6 vs 50.4 after my vote.

    I'm surprised by the popularity of Froakie. I thought Fennekin would be the popular one.

      You're surprised by the popularity of something that will eventually evolve into a NINJA FROG!?

        HAHAHAHA i totally was going to reply with the exact same line... who the hell wants the fire wizard fox when they can have Shinobi Frog.

          Me actually, I like the fox :) Shinobi Frog is cool and all but I'm not as much a Fan of it's appearance as the Fox

          you sir, have won the internet for a day!

      Because of Charizard. You don't want 2 main fire pokemon

    I haven't bought the game yet but I will buy Pokemon Y. My sister on the other hand is buying Pokemon X. I saw a list of the exclusives for each version and my sister's favourite Pokemon (Starmie) was found in X, whereas one of my favourites, Heracross, was found in Y, so that settled it pretty quickly.

    As for starters, I'll be going with Froakie for sure, but I honestly love all three original starters equally, so it'll be hard for me to choose.

    I got Y, Chespin, Squartle and the free torchic, although i benched the Torchic after it started to level like crazy, made things too easy.
    I think Y would have been more popular overall, but that mega charizard X won people over

    Dare say Fennekin would have been more popular if its final evo looked 'cooler', Froakies final evo looks like a ninja =P

      My Torchic sits at the back of my team, leveling only through Exp Share. He's only there as a last resort

    I got Y, because Yveltal looks pretty awesome. Chose Chespin and Charmander as my starters and didn't know about the torchic until yesterday

      you don't make sense

    Anyone else notice the distinct.... Tank, Rouge and Wizard look of the 3 starters? its a sign... maybe one day gamefreak may move into the full MMO market :P

    I got Chespin, not knowing what any of the three starters would evolve into and was kind of disappointed when it evolved into Quilladin, but damn, that Chesnaught looks awesome :D

      Quilladin has grown on me. He's a chubby little trooper that gets stuff done.

    I got fennekin, charmander and torchic... because every pokemon game ever, i've always chosen the fire starters...

    Pokemon Y, Froakie & Charmander. Hooray for majority opinions!

    Well I got both so... Yea and having three fire starters like me for a team doesn't mean your going to have a hard time, just means the other three have to help strengthen your weaknesses

    None, i am waiting for pokemon Z

      You mean Pokemon XZ and YZ?

    Do you have to take charmander to get the charizard x/y? or is there another opportunity to get a charmander/charizard x/y later in the game? i haven't found an answer to that at the moment?

      There is a chance to buy the Kanto Starters' mega stones later, post elite 4 - you still only get the Charizardite for your version (so no Y stone in X and vice versa).

        Could you not have a friend obtain their versions Charizardite and then trade it to your version via attaching it to a Pokemon?

          Yes - but there's only 1 of each Mega stone in the game at the moment - they'll need to restart if they want it for themselves. It's not that much effort if you're only going for the Kanto starters' stones. There's currently only one other Mega Evolution with version differences, and that's post-elite 4, so you might have a harder time getting duplicates of that.

            Oh, so you don't get a Mega stone when you get your Gen 1 starter, but have to wait until post-Elite 4, AND you can only get one of the 3 Gen 1 Mega stones? Ouch.

              ah, no, sorry I didn't exactly word that neatly.

              - You get the corresponding Mega stone when you pick your Kanto starter.
              - After Elite 4 you'll be able to buy the stones for the other two starters.
              - There are version specific Charizard stones. The only way to get the "opposite" stone is to trade for it.

              Hope that clarifies the issue.

    Froakies named Mr toad, got torchick before I got to secondary starter pokemon so went with bilbasaur.
    I'm happy to hear you can buy the mega stone for charizard favourite pokemon starter

    I got X because i typically get the "blue" version of the games (Blue, Silver, Sapphire, Diamond, Black). I also prefer the look of the Legendary on the box. I picked Chespin because i liked him best but regretted it not knowing i would be able to get a Bulbasaur so soon into the game. Because i all ready had a grass starter and the Event Torchic i went with Squirtle to even out my team.

    I'm honestly surprised by the first poll. Out of everyone I know who has a 3DS (quite a few people) I'm the only one who got Y. Everyone really seems to want Charizard X :P
    Personally I got Y, Chespin and Charmander.

    Going to have to trade/start again at some point though so I can get Fennekin, would've picked her from the start but 2 fire types doesn't really work (that and my sister was going Fennekin/Squirtle lol)

    I chose Fennekin AND Charmander. Kind of disappointed in Fennekin's final evo after seeing the freakin Ninja Frog though. So I benched him.

    Bought Y, based on nothing other than "the red guy looks cooler than the blue guy" (my opinion). Wish I had known the Kanto starters became selectable, I wouldn't have picked Fennekin at the start. He spends his days in Box 2 now.

      Breed him in day care trade the hatch pokemon for all the other starters

    I went Fenniken and Charamander, I like fire pokemon too much to try for a balanced team.

    I bought X, with Fenniken for a starter and Charmander as my Kanto starter; gifted Torchick to boot.
    Meant that I ended up having the three fire pokemon, but thanks to the GTS I managed to get a hold of Froakie and Chespin. Now it's just a matter of getting Squirtle and Bulbasaur.

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