While You Were Sleeping

With the big guy away on some sort of familial duty, this gets to be one of those crazy, off-the-rails, Jungy days. Strap yourselves in. We're starting the day off in the craziest, most unexpected way possible: The overnight news. Ha! Didn't expect the same thing, did you? That's called mind games.

Let's start off with a few videos from ye olde intertron - SNL Korea has done a GTA V parody set in their colonial times, in which one jacks a rickshaw instead of a Prius. And this video might have the Call of Duty name in it, but it's less machinima and more live action. But still quite decent.

Yet another designer of yore is attempting to make an old-school RPG, but Guido Henkel isn't turning Kickstarter - at least not yet. Apparently the Fallout 2 and Planescape Torment developer's new game, Deathfire: Ruins of Nevermore, is already in development and expected in early 2014. The post has some nice screenies for you to look at.

And for those of you who like Breaking Bad memes on your gaming site, here's a count of all the times Jesse actually said the word "bitch". SPOILER: It's not that many. But in Jesse's case, it's quality over quantity, right?

And finally, Injustice: Gods Among Men is coming to Vita, PS4, and PC next month. It's not quite as competitive as Mortal Kombat, but still a great game with lots of depth. House rules: no Superman.

In short

A Veteran Game Designer And His Old-School First-Person RPG GTA V Needs More Rickshaw Stealing And Fist Fights Actually, Breaking Bad's Jesse Didn't Say 'B**ch' THAT Many Times Classic Call Of Duty Makes Quite An Emotional Fan Film Injustice Hits Vita, PS4, PC Next Month


    Welcome Jung, good to have ya for the week. Hopefully we get a GTA PC announcement on your watch. Maybe a DayZ Alpha release this week? PLEASE

    Where's the "this week in games" article! It's 11am!!!


      Don't say I never give you anything.

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