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Okay dokey. Not too much happening overnight, but hey! Read this anyway. Welcome to While You Were Sleeping, where we go over the news and talk about how tired we are.

This isn't necessarily about video games, but it just might be the thing you're most interested in: a complete guide to all the new anime releases in this new 'fall' season. As someone who occasionally dabbles in anime I find this super helpful, mainly to wade through all the trash for me! Your mileage may vary.

Does Ouya need a 'killer'? Is it a type of product people want? I'm not yet sure. Regardless, this new device is an Ouya type thing. It's been priced and dated. Am I out of touch on this? Are people still excited about this kind of thing?

This is what Pokemon would look like if it had been a Western cartoon. This is the new game from those talented people at Telltale Games and this is proof that North Korea still sucks at photoshop.

In Short Mad Catz's Ouya Killer Priced, Dated And Potentially Deadly The First New Video Game From The Creators Of The Acclaimed Walking Dead Games Your Complete Fall 2013 Anime Guide If Pokemon Had Been A Western Cartoon North Korea Still Sucks At Photoshop


    Not much happening.... I think you may have missed something. Maybe review Batguys twitter feed or the redlynx forum.:)

      I can't believe some people think there is something more important than Trials.... I was waiting for Batguy to cut a finger off

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