While You Were Sleeping

Well, I didn't spend the weekend in a Poke-daze, but from my Twitter and Facebook feed over the weekend, I suspect I might have been the only one!

Kotaku was also all about the Pokemens over the weekend. We had our big review of course, which you can read here. Also: I have a feeling that more than a few of you ended up buying both Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, but just in case you're doing the sensible thing and only buying one of the two, this is a great guide as to which version you should buy!

And in other Pokemon news: the Federal Government shutdown in the US is actually legitimately affecting shipments of Pokemon. Seriously, if anything could inspire the people to rise up in revolt it's Pokemon! Power to the Poke-people! Rise up against your Poke-masters!

What else? Well I now wish they were making this Mario Kart movie instead of the Need for Speed one and this cosplay has a Adventure Time version of Bane. So yeah, you're gonna want to click on that!

Have a great week everyone!

In Short NYCC Cosplay: Zombie Mario, Wonder Tot And Adventure Time Bane Pokemon Is The Latest Casualty Of The Government Shutdown The Next Hollywood Blockbuster Isn't Mario Kart But It Should Be Which Version Should You Buy, Pokemon X Or Pokemon Y? Pokemon X: The Kotaku Review


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