While You Were Sleeping

Morning all. It's Thursday already and this is While You Were Sleeping, your daily round up of the news you might have missed coming in overnight.

You like the PS4, right? You like videos? How about a 15 minute video that just explores the PS4's menu system! Come on, it's the early morning! You deserve a break! Yeah, this is hardly incredible stuff, but I quite like having a look at how the next gen consoles are going to look, even if it's just a video of some dude going through menus.

And speaking of next-gen consoles, are you one of those people that tends to keep a laptop next to them whilst playing video games? The Xbox One is trying to eliminate that with a fancy schmancy trick. Find out more here.

Hey this is a reminder that, even though you'll have a blast playing as a pirate in Assassin's Creed IV, real life pirates were some pretty awful human beings. This is a game about hunting monsters that isn't Japanese. What gives?

And finally, after six generations of Pokemon games, snorlax has finally gotten the energy to stand up!

In Short You Won't Need To Keep A Computer By The Xbox One To Help You Play Games A Game About Hunting Monsters And It's Not Made In Japan Reminder: Real Pirates Were Awful After Six Generations Of Pokemon Games, Snorlax Finally Stands Up Over 15 Minutes Of The PS4 Dashboard: Menus Menus Menus


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