While You Were Sleeping

Well it's Friday already and I feel as though weeks are passing by at a stratospheric rate. Video game news travels at a similar rate of knots. What did you miss overnight? Click on and find out.

Okay, I'm sure we can all admit that we've left our desktop computers accumulate some dust here and there. Perhaps our keyboards are a bit icky. But this? This is taking it to the next level. This is basically a cockroach mass grave and you should be terrified of clicking this link. Terrified. Don't say you weren't warned.

League of Legends in big in the west. Pretty big. But it's not even close to the level of manstream popularity the series enjoys in Korea. This is a politician cosplaying as a character from the game. Let's be real here: could you imagine Wayne Swan cosplaying? Nah, thought not. This is the equivalent of Australian politicians pretending they care about the Grand Final or something...

I love this: 20 years later, EA finally admits Shaq Fu was an abomination! Blade Runner was... I'd say about 40% noir. Now it's 100%!

And finally, when Street Fighter takes on professional wrestling, things get messy.

In Short 20 Years Laters EA Admits Shaq Fu Was An Abomination Computer Becomes Cockroach Mass Grave — Nightmare Fuel Blade Runner Give Up, Goes 100% Noir Street Fighter Takes On Wrestling, It Gets Messy League Of Legends Is So Big In Korea Eve Politicians Cosplay It


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